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Mangere College Magazine 2017


AUCKLAND PHILHARMONIA ORCHESTRA: PeRCUSSIoN WoRKSHoP on the 12th of September, 55 of our Year 10 Music students were treated to a special workshop delivered by percussionists rebecca Celebuski, Steven Logan and erik renick, members of the auckland Philharmonia orchestra. The APO musicians performed a range of interesting percussion pieces, including one piece of music composed by a New Zealand musician played using only coins and cups! The students participated in an interactive discussion about the building blocks of music – sound, rhythm, melody and harmony. The guests expanded the students’ knowledge of conventional ‘time’ and ‘four beats in a bar’ in music and they got to have a glimpse of what ‘a day in the life of’ looks like for these professional working musicians. - Emily Heeney, Performing Arts Technician GEN X 2017 I was one of the five leaders for Gen X this year. The theme was love and we found it difficult but rewarding to create a dance about this theme. I have enjoyed participating in this competition for 2 years in a row. Gen X is a way for students to make a positive change in the community through creativity. We had 23 students perform on the night. The night of the performance was not only a competition, but also a bonding experience with other schools. We did not think of it as a rivalry between schools, more like a community of schools sharing a common message. Yes, it was a competition, but we were all involved to make a change, following the motto of Gen X ‘To unleash the next generation of world changers through creativity.’ - Cherish Watts, Year 12 56 Mangere College - 2017 this year Mangere College took part in the Gen X unleashed dance competition for the second year running. Five students from the senior Dance class took on the responsibilities of leaders and while at times the workload seemed huge, the leaders pulled together to create a great piece. This is especially impressive as all 5 students are only in Year 12. The leaders were Ruaama Akaiti, Holly Rapana, Lee-Joe Tamihana, Sharee Sauni and Cherish Watts. The theme chosen by the competition organisers was love and our leaders choreographed a piece focusing on the message ‘you need to love yourself before you can love someone else.’ It took the whole of Term 2 and the first week of the school holidays to be ready for the performance. Students needed to not only select music and create a 6 minute dance to show their ideas, they also needed to design costumes, develop stage lighting, create a multi-media piece to play during the performance and develop a video blog to share their process with the judges. It was a huge task, but worth it in the end. The final performance was amazing. Everything came together in the end and the result was a proud moment for all involved. Thanks go to all of the performers for their hard work and dedication to making the leader’s ideas come to life. - Ms Thomson, TIC Gen X

DANCE 2017 this year has been a busy year for dance. we have travelled to watch several dance performances, performed our own works in this year’s Performing arts evening and had different guest tutors in to share with us some amazing, different styles. We started our trips this year with a trip for Senior Dance students to watch Takie Rua perform Tiki Taane Mahuta. This was a show choreographed by Tanemahuta Gray and composed by Tiki Taane. It was a narrative performance following the lives of two generations of Maori families and how their stories and whakapapa intertwined. The performance was exciting, the music was played live by Tiki Taane and the dance used a variety of different production technologies to develop and support the dancer’s movements. The next trip we went on was to watch YouDance. This was an evening performance showcasing NCEA dance works from different schools in Auckland. It was a great opportunity for our Level 2 and 3 students to see what other schools have been working on and find ideas to develop into their own performances. The last Dance trip that took place this year was a trip into the city to watch the Royal New Zealand Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet. Ms Ward and Ms Thomson took 25 students from Years 10-13 to watch this performance. This was a great performance of traditional narrative ballet showcasing the strength and beauty of ballet. One of the important things about dance is to learn different dance genres from different people who have expertise and talent in their particular style. To that end we have had three different tutors come in to teach us this year. Firstly, our Year 10 students were involved in learning a Hip Hop set from the students of Excel School of Performing Arts. The Year 10 and 11 students have also had the opportunity to learn Hip Hop from ex MC Head Girl Ana Taulanga, who is currently studying for her Bachelor of Dance at Auckland University. The Year 11 students were assessed for NCEA Level 1 credits on the dance Ana taught them. Finally, we were lucky enough to have Isom da Silveria or Mestre China come into our Year 12 and 13 dance class and teach Capoeira. Mestre China has been teaching and learning Capoeira, which is a Brazilian Martial Arts traditional dance, for many years and we learnt this style of dance for NCEA assessment at Level 2 and 3. For the first time in 2017 three senior dance students took part in the Unitec Winter Workshop. This is a contemporary dance based workshop that is run over three days in the Term 2 school holidays. In order to be selected to attend this workshop, students must have a passion for dance and a high ability in practical lessons. This is because students are required to attend the workshop for three full days, learning and performing contemporary and hip hop dance at a tertiary level. The three students who attended this workshop were Todd Fehoko, Lee-Joe Tamihana and Cherish Watts. All three students thoroughly enjoyed their time at the workshop and said they would want to do it again. The last significant event for dance students this year was the Performing Arts evening. At this evening we were able to showcase the performance and composition standards we have been working on this year in Dance. It was a highlight of the year with all of the senior Dance students performing amazingly well, with the two class dances being exceptional performances. All students embraced performance with enthusiasm, happily sorting out costumes and makeup to suit the needs of their dances and made me feel proud of their hard work. 2017 has been a busy and exciting year for Dance and I am looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring. - Ms Thomson, Teacher of Dance Mangere College - 2017 57

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