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Mangere College Magazine 2017

Physical Education and

Physical Education and Health As always it’s been an exciting, productive and busy year in the Physical Education and Health Department. Here are just some of our highlights. junior pe senior pe This year our junior programme was jampacked with a variety of sports and activities. Our students have been looking at different strategies and tactics within a variety of games and working out which ones work best. They have also been working on their interpersonal skills and how to cooperate within a team setting. We have looked at different ways to test and improve our fitness through different fitness tests and methods of training. It has been great to see the students learn how the body reacts to physical exercise and the impact training can have on performance. Our Year 11 core PE programme had five Achievement Standards this year and so it was a busy programme. The students cover a variety of different activities including swimming, volleyball, touch, fitness, basketball and many others. Students work on improving their interpersonal skills within a team, selfmanagement strategies for their own personal performance and look to perform a sport or activity to the highest level they can achieve. 58 Mangere College - 2017

sports science As always our Sports Science courses were very popular with many highlights throughout the year. Level 1 Sports Science had a trip to the indoor climbing wall as part of their course to consider responsible behaviour during outdoor activities. They also organised a mini fun run for the Year 9 students. Level 2 Sports Science worked through a variety of Achievement Standards. The standout part of the year was our 4 day camp at Kokako Lodge, where we looked at risk assessment procedures and how best to manage them. Level 3 Sports Science considered how to devise strategies for fitness to be a lifelong commitment and ways to improve their own fitness. sports leadership The Level 2 Sports Leadership students organised the ‘Big Day Out’ in February this year for the new Year 9 students. This was an excellent event with all Year 9 classes spending a fun day packed full of sports, challenges, and team building activities. The Sports Leaders organisation was superb and it was a great way for the Year 9s to get to know each other. The Sports Leaders also organised an inter-form class competition during lunchtimes and intervals for our junior classes. This was a popular and competitive event with all junior classes putting forward teams to compete in turbo-touch. Well done to all our Sports Leaders. Mangere College - 2017 59

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