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Mangere College Magazine 2017

year 11 baking assesment

year 11 baking assesment In this particular Unit Standard, Year 11 students are required to bake a cake, a sponge, and scones. This is the first year MC has offered this standard in the hope of raising the basic baking skills of the younger generation. -Ms Sebastian pasta extravaganza This is Mangere College’s yearly ‘pop-up’ theme restaurant where some teachers are treated to a restaurant quality meal (entrée & main or main & dessert) from the Senior Catering students and customer service from the Senior Hospitality students. -Ms Sebastian 62 Mangere College - 2017

fashion trip to sewtec On Friday 5th of May, Level 2 and 3 Fashion students went on a trip to the SEWTEC Fashion Academy which is located at 7 Springs Rd, East Tamaki. The tutors, Jeanette and Ginny, demonstrated the use of the industrial sewing machine. They helped guide us to operate the machine safely and correctly. Being at the Academy was a great and memorable experience. Everyone gained new knowledge about the industrial sewing machine. Level 2 and 3 Fashion students went into the Academy not knowing much about industrial sewing machines and we were shown how to thread and operate them accurately and safely. All the students who attended the trip enjoyed learning the new skills. We followed the instructions and stitched a variety of samples, which we brought back to school to use as evidence for our assessment. This trip helped the students to positively plan their career pathway, to be future Fashion Designers. Hands-on experience made it interesting and easier for students to learn. This trip made a huge impact on the students learning Level 2 and 3 Fashion. The students look forward to going back to the SEWTEC Fashion Academy to enhance their knowledge and learning skills. -Faustina Havili 'Hands-on experience made it interesting and easier for students to learn.' Mangere College - 2017 63

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