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Mangere College Magazine 2017

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volleyball Volleyball continues to be a high performing, high profile sport at Mangere College. In recent years the boys have competed credibly at provincial and national level tournaments. Our girls teams, under the coaching of Nancy Palelei, have scaled the heights of national competitions as Auckland champions and Division 1 medallists at nationals. This success attracts many new players each year and the girls consistently field four teams in Southern Zone competitions. Boys have a greater challenge because of the pull of other popular codes that are first-choice options. 2017 has been a rebuilding year for both the boys and girls programmes. Positives include both senior and junior girls teams playing in the Premier League grades and our junior boys qualifying for their Premier League for the first time in over ten years. The growth of each programme depends so much on getting young players to join and train as soon as they arrive at our school and then keeping them involved in our volleyball development programmes. A significant challenge for our senior teams this year was the demand placed on senior students who were selected for key leadership roles in both volleyball and our successful Polyfest groups. This is going to be a point of conflict in the future for our teams, simply because we do so well in both areas and our senior students have excellent leadership qualities that see them in high demand from so many quarters. Our players have the option of leading in a number of worthy activities. The important factor for seniors will be to signal their decisions to coaches and teacher-in-charge in a timely fashion so that intentions are clearly communicated to all concerned. This enables us to support them in their pursuit of success in whichever activity they select. A strength within the volleyball programmes is the continued involvement of past players who return to help share their skills and experience with our younger players. Gloria Aiono, a member of the New Zealand womens’ team can be found assisting Nancy at team practices in addition to many other volleyball alumni. A few of our players represented the Oceania-Auckland U-19 team that played in Tahiti in July - Italy Ng Lam in the men’s team and Siata Ah Chong, Sela Filisione and Uamiata Salaikeni in the women’s. Siata and Uamiata also played in the Open Women's’ team against the Tahitian national side. At our Sports Awards, the volleyball awards went to: Most Improved Player- Akesh Duot Deng (boys) Victory Tilo (girls); Player of the Year and Players’- Choice Player- Isaak Samoa (boys) Uamiata Salaikeni (girls). Our thanks to all families who have supported their young people in our volleyball teams. Great appreciation also for all volunteers and helpers who give freely of their time to help coach and officiate. Finally, a big thank you to all those boys and girls who make the commitment to learn, practise and play. As it says in Matthew, ‘Many are called, but few are chosen’. Not everyone who starts finishes the journey, but those that stay with us certainly are ‘The Chosen’. -Nathan Samu '...a big thank you to all those boys and girls who make the commitment to learn, practise and play.' Mangere College - 2017 79

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