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Mantotherm XPS Thermal

Mantotherm XPS Thermal Insulation Panel Compressed Polystyrene Board With High Pressure Resistance PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Compressed close-pore polystyrene board with high pressure resistance, used for the heat insulation of walls, columns and girders. AREAS OF USE Mantotherm XPS Thermal Insulation Panel is used as heat insulation material for the internal and external walls, terraces, floors and basements of buildings. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES • Closed pore. • Highly resistant to pressure. • Preserves the buildings from the outer atmospheric impacts, prevents corrosion and elongates the service life of buildings. • Capable of successfully bearing the short- and long-term mechanical charges, which may occur in a building under normal conditions. • Resistant to impacts. • Has an infinite economic life. The insulating nature of the product does not change in time. • Poses low thermal conductivity. • Does not lose its thickness and endures through the time. • Very lightweight, easy to carry. • Easy to application. • Environmentally friendly. PERFORMANCE Length tolerance >1000 ; ± 10 mm TS EN 1602 Width tolerance

Mantotherm Rockwool Thermal Insulation Panel . Thermal, Noise And Fire Insulation Material With Natural Fiber Content PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The thermal, noise and fire insulation material, which is developed through the transformation of volcanic rocks by melting at high temperatures. AREAS OF USE Mantotherm Rockwool Thermal Insulation Panel is used as heat insulation material for the internal and external walls, terraces, floors and basements of buildings. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES • Resistance to temperatures above 1000°C at structures provide full fire safety. • Absorbing noise and vibration, the product creates a peaceful and healthy living space. • Water repellent. • Has a high water vapor permeability. • Free from effects caused by temperature changes thanks to its dimensional stability. • Thanks to its long fiber structure, the product enables the obtainment of products with plat edges and a smooth surface for the purpose of cutting and lamination applications. • Does not release any harmful gases. • Does not corrode, perish and mold. • Does not cause corrosion and oxidization. • Poses low thermal conductivity. PERFORMANCE Length tolerance 1200 ± %2 Width tolerance 600 ± %1.5 TS EN 822 Thickness tolerance T5 TS EN 823 Deviation from squareness Maximum 5 mm/m TS EN 824 Surface smoothness Maximum 6 mm/m TS EN 825 Density 150 ± %10 kg/m 3 TS EN 1602 λ (Thermal Conductivity Coefficient) 0.040 W/mK TS EN 12667 TS EN 12939 Short term water absorption WS TS EN 1609 Long term water absorption WL(P) TS EN 12087 Compressive strength 50 kPa TS EN 826 Dimensional stability under certain temperature conditions DS(T+) TS EN 1604 Water vapor permeability 1 µ TS EN 12086 Reaction to fire A1 TS EN 13501-1 The foregoing values represent the results of the laboratory tests. The values provided as per the table may vary depending on the surface and ambient conditions. REFERENCE STANDARDS Certifications/Standards TS EN 13162 ETAG 004 QUALITY CERTIFICATES TSE CE Conformant to ETAG 004. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Application Surfaces Outdoors Walls; - Roughcast applied surfaces Indoors Walls; - Finishing coat applied surfaces Terraces and Roofs Surface Preparation • The application surface should be dry, clean, sound and dust-free, and should have been cleansed of oil, dirt or any materials that may prevent adhesion, and any such materials as mortar and cement residues should be scraped from the application surface. • The old plaster coat, blistering and cracks on the facades should be scraped, be repaired with MegaTamir İ or MegaTamir K, whereby a sound surface should be obtained. • In the case of bevels in excess of 2 cm on the surface; they should be repaired with MegaTamir İ or MegaTamir K before insulation application. • The surface to be insulated should not be moist, and the flooring trowel coating and internal and external wall plasters should have dried. • There should not be any moisture in progress upward on the surface, the waterproofing should be completed as necessary and should have risen 30 cm above the ground soil. • The insulation application should be initiated minimum 4 weeks after the application of roughcast. • The rain gutters, cabling elements and the like on the façade should be placed over the system and be deployed in some 6 to 7 cm distance to the system. wall and to ensure the smoothness of the surface, the board should be slipped slightly and adhered to the wall, be gauged and linaged. • Mantotherm Rockwool Thermal Insulation Panel should be furnished in tusk tenon fashion. The tusk tenon should be continued also in the corner joint spots of the building. • Any unintentional gaps between any two Mantotherm Rockwool Thermal Insulation Panel should strictly be filled with pieces to be cut from the same material. Due care must be taken to ensure that the adhesive does not overflow at the edges, where boards join, any overflowing adhesive should be cleaned and the board edges should be ensured to be clean. • The corners of the such gaps on the surface as window gaps and door gaps should be aligned with the board joints, the thermal insulating boards should be placed as a whole on the corners, screw threads should be cut and be sized for the gaps. Hence will be eliminated the risk of cracks on the corners. • Mechanical fixation on the surface of the thermal insulating boards in addition to chemical adhesion is of utmost importance for long-lasting performance. Minimum 24 hours after the adhesion of the thermal insulating boards, the dowelling should be performed with Mantotherm Thermal Insulation Panel Dowels. Appropriate and suitable dowels should be selected with due consideration of the insulating material employed and the surface characteristics. Application Recommendations • The product should not be applied to such surfaces, which are exposed to risk of freezing within the next 24 hours, which are frozen or the frost of which is thawing. • Due care should be given to prevent the exposure of the material to direct sunlight in hot weather conditions. • The product should not be applied on extremely windy weather conditions or on hot surfaces, which are exposed to direct sunlight; and in the cases, where application is imperative under such conditions, the environment and the surface should be prepared for application in advance. • The product should not be applied in rainy weather conditions, and the application surface should be preserved from rain for a period of 24 hours. • Refer to our technical support hotline for recommendation on different surface applications. (PHONE: 444 4 595) Surface and Ambient Temperature The surface and ambient temperature should be between +5°C and +30°C whilst at application. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Application Equipment - Steel notched trowel (for Rockwool adhered by dredging) - Steel trowel Equipment Cleaning The equipment used should be cleaned with water following the application before the mortar dries. TECHNICAL PROPERTIES Chemical Structure: Thermal insulation board with natural fiber content Color: Characteristic (green - black) CONSUMPTION Recommended consumption amount for application on 1 m 2 surface is 1.0 m 2 . The said value may vary, depending on the surface and ambient conditions. PACKAGING (Panel Dimensions: 60 cm x120 cm) Number of Panels per 1 Package Mantotherm Rockwool 3 cm 8 Mantotherm Rockwool 4 cm 6 Mantotherm Rockwool 5 cm 5 Mantotherm Rockwool 6 cm 4 Mantotherm Rockwool 8 cm 3 Mantotherm Rockwool 10 cm 2 STORAGE CONDITIONS The product should be stored within non-tampered original packaging in dry (maximum relative humidity 60 %) and cool (ambient temperature between +5°C and +25°C) environment. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The product should be preserved from water, physical damage and flame sources. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as appropriate for easy and safe application. Application Methods • Mantotherm Rockwool Thermal Insulation Panel, the reserve side of should have been applied Mantotherm Adhesive Mortar, should be firmly placed on the sub-basement profile. • In order for Mantotherm Rockwool Thermal Insulation Panel to thoroughly contact the 148

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