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Mantotherm Glass-Fiber

Mantotherm Glass-Fiber Mesh Glass-Fiber Based Mesh PRODUCT DESCRIPTION High alkali resistant, glass-fiber based mesh, weighing 160 g/m 2 at minimum, which is used to ensure the resistance of the insulation plaster against surface movements and tensile. AREAS OF USE Mantotherm Glass-Fiber Mesh; is used for insulation plaster application. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES • Ensures the resistance of the insulation plaster against surface movements and tensile. • Highly resistant to alkalis. • Softener-free. • Prevents yarn slippage. • Does not yield any wastes and free from any additives harmful to health. PERFORMANCE Properties Description of Units Warp Woof Array Each 100 mm 25x2 23 Weaving Leno Standard width Individual value (cm) 100 Package length Individual value (m) 50 Processed mesh thickness Informative value (mm) 0,45 Completed mesh weight Informative value (g/m 2 ) 135 Processed mesh weight Individual value, minimum (g/m 2 ) 160 Flammable material content (LOI) Percentage of mass (%) 18 Product behavior Alkali resistant, softenerfree, yarn slippage prevention Square dimensions Informative value (mm) 4x4 REFERENCE STANDARDS Certifications/Standards ETAG 004 APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Application Equipment • Steel trowel Equipment Cleaning The equipment used should be cleaned with water following the application before the mortar dries. TECHNICAL PROPERTIES Chemical Structure: Glass-fiber based mesh with high resistance to alkalis Weight: Minimum 160 g/m 2 Color: White CONSUMPTION Recommended consumption amount for application on 1 m 2 surface is 1.1 m 2 . The said value may vary, depending on the surface and ambient conditions. PACKAGING Mantotherm Glass-Fiber Mesh is delivered as a roll with 1 meter width and 50 meter length. 1 palette of the product, 1500 m in length, contains 30 rolls. STORAGE CONDITIONS The product should be stored within non-tampered original packaging in dry (maximum relative humidity 60 %) and cool (ambient temperature between +5°C and +25°C) environment. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as appropriate for easy and safe application. 149 QUALITY CERTIFICATES ETA APPLICATION PROCEDURE Application Surfaces Outdoors Walls; - Insulation plaster applied surfaces Surface Preparation • Mantotherm Glass-Fiber Mesh is placed on the first coat of Mantotherm Plaster Mortar heat insulation board plaster applied on the heat insulation boards. Application Methods • Immediately upon the application of the initial coat of Mantotherm Plaster Mortar; Mantotherm Glass-Fiber Mesh is placed into the plaster by applying slight pressure from top to bottom. • The pressure applied while placing the mesh on the plaster’s surface should not be excessive; and the plaster should be applied to ensure that 1/3 of the plaster layer remains above and 2/3 of the remains below the mesh. • The joints of the glass-fiber mesh should be superpositioned by 10 cm. • In the event the corner profiles are mesh-free; the mesh should be turned by minimum 20 cm on the corners. • Following the application of the mesh, the secondary coat of plaster should be applied before the primary coat dries. • While applying the secondary coat of plaster, the primary coat with mesh should be let dewater before the application of the secondary coat, depending on the weather conditions, in order to prevent the mesh from being buried into the primary coat or from slipping. Application Recommendations • The product should not be applied to such surfaces, which are exposed to risk of freezing within the next 24 hours, which are frozen or the frost of which is thawing. • Due care should be given to prevent the exposure of the material to direct sunlight in hot weather conditions. • The product should not be applied on extremely windy weather conditions or on hot surfaces, which are exposed to direct sunlight; and in the cases, where application is imperative under such conditions, the environment and the surface should be prepared for application in advance. • The product should not be applied in rainy weather conditions, and the application surface should be preserved from rain for a period of 24 hours. • Refer to our technical support hotline for recommendation on different surface applications. (PHONE: 444 4 595) Surface and Ambient Temperature The surface and ambient temperature should be between +5°C and +30°C whilst at application.


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