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IMAGE Show Preview Guide Dallas 2016

IMAGE Show Preview Guide Dallas 2016


HANDS-ON/PAID CLASSES *all classes are complimentary unless otherwise indicated — new classes added daily* Cost of Class $499 GRADUATION Monday : 9:00AM - 12:00PM This is our most technical course as emphasis is placed on technique with a focus on precision and balance to simplify the concept of graduation when creating a Triangle Graduation , Round Graduation or Square to Round Graduation. Cost $200 Cost $185 Cost $175 Presentation by: RAUL MARTEZ $200.00 / INCLUDES : MANNEQUIN, FREE DVD CUT N COLOR ($70 VALUE) $185.00 / INCLUDES MANNEQUIN $175.00 / NO MANNEQUIN , MUST BRING YOUR OWN FIBER OPTIC Monday : 9:00AM - 12:00PM Transmitting light / color from growth to ends in a multi dimensional placements to create a beautiful end result. 3 dimensional tones in 1 single application Cost $200 Cost $185 Cost $175 Presentation by: MARGIT ARON $200.00 / INCLUDES : MANNEQUIN, FREE DVD CUT N COLOR ($70 VALUE) $185.00 / INCLUDES MANNEQUIN $175.00 / NO MANNEQUIN , MUST BRING YOUR OWN 3D EYEBROWS BY INK BOUTIQUE Monday : 1:00PM - 2:30PM If the eyes are truly “the windows to the soul”, then your eyebrows should be treated like the “beautiful window treatments” they are. This is a hands-on class where participants will be given a kit that will include everything they need to learn the basics of creating 3D Eyebrows using: multiple hand-tools, specialized tattooing techniques, and custom-blended pigments in order to give the illusion of depth/volume to what would otherwise be a very flat, dull looking eyebrow tattoo. Students will learn: how to do a proper client consultation, the basics of drawing/shading an eyebrow without the use of stencils/ stickers, they will discuss “color theory” as they learn to custom-blend pigments, and they will learn the importance of creating an individualized, perfectly-shaped set of brows for each and every client. (No more connect-the-dots eyebrows.) Our educator will finish the class by sharing her secrets for running a successful permanent makeup business and answering any questions. Presentation by: SABENA MILLER Cost of Class $210 Cost of Class $160 BALAYAGE HAIRPAINTING Sunday : 9:30AM - 11:30AM In this hands on, hair coloring workshop, the Ted Gibson Artistic Team will share with you the advanced balayage hair painting techniques used in the salon, on celebrity clients and for photoshoots. Whether it’s bold and dramatic or soft and natural, you will learn how to create modern, customized and irreplaceable haircolor for every single client in your chair. You’ll learn: • How to create modern and customized hair color for each of your clients • Essential balayage techniques - from dexterity to sweeping application to sectioning • How malleable and transformative balayage can be Get ready to create functional, creative, and glamorous looks using Ted Gibson Advanced Academy techniques for sectioning and application in this class! Presentation by: TED GIBSON & ARTISTIC TEAM BACKSTAGE TO THE RUNWAY-CELEBRITY LOOKS! Sunday : 12:30PM - 2:30PM In this hands-on hairstyling class, you will learn what it takes to make it backstage as an editorial hairstylist and how to take the looks created for the red carpet to your guests in the salon. You’ll learn: •how to set and transform hair into modern red carpet styles •which classic techniques and creative styling skills will seal the deal with your clients •the tools you will need to make every client look and feel like an “It-girl” Students must bring: Sectioning clips, hair pins, bobby pins, bungees, pincurl clips, curling irons, flat irons, blow dryer, cutting combs, tail combs, round brushes UP-CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH TED GIBSON Monday : 10:00AM - 12:00PM Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn from Ted Gibson himself. In this intimate look and learn ted will demonstrate the hairdressing skills that made him an industry icon. At the same time, you will have an opportunity to ask ted the questions you have always wanted the answers to about fashion, the salon business and how to become the best in beauty. Watch and learn about: • Ted’s beauty philosophy that has made him into a successful pioneer in the industry • The factors that make a haircut worth $1,500 • How to maximize the value of your work and increase your bottom line • What inspires and motivates Ted and his team to create great work each and every day Students must bring: Clips, gloves, tail comb, tint burshes, mixing bowls, blow dryer, cutting combs & round brushes Cost of Class $160 IMAGE is EVERYTHING 20

HANDS-ON/PAID CLASSES *all classes are complimentary unless otherwise indicated — new classes added daily* Cost of Class $175 PARTIAL CROWN ALOPECIA UNITS USING THE SEWING MACHINE Monday : 11:00AM - 1:00PM Alopecia affects a huge number of men and women in all races to have balding and thinning problems. In this class we will make a unit using the sewing machine which will blend in naturally with your client’s hair. Afer this class your hair replacement business will explode with confidence! Learn How To: • Measure the Balding/Thinning Area • Make The Mold Of The Bald Area •Transfer Mold To Mannequin •Make The Partial Crown Alopecia Unit With The Sewing Machine •Cut To Blend /Styling Options •IT OK IF YOU CAN’T USE THE SEWING MACHINE I WILL TEACH YOU •Question and Answer Session ( Considerations and Causes Of Alopecia) What Is Included: Certificate of Completion, Unit Tools, Mold Materials and sewing machine thread and measuring gauge etc. Attachment Supplies What To Bring? Sewing Machine (call me for model details ), 1 Pack Of Human hair, Foam Mannequin Wig Stand or Tripod, Razor Blade, Needle and Thread, Scissors or seam ripper to cut thread, T pins Presentation by: EUNICE JOHNSON COLORING WITH YOUR EYES BY SHERRY RATAY, SHERRY RATAY INC. Sunday : 2:00PM - 5:00PM Monday : 1:00PM - 4:00PM In this workshop you will learn signature money making techniques, and the way to look at the canvas before you start to create: by Celebrity Hair Colorist Sherry Ratay. •Seasonal haircolor change: A step-by-step technique featuring how to transform an ordinary one dimensional haircolor into a vivacious multi-dimensional blonde. •The Soft European Sombre: Learn Sherry Ratay’s signature European ombre technique has evolved into something much more subtle, blended and textured. Lighter pieces are being taken up higher, particularly around the face, and the lower lengths of the hair have ribbons of color running through; a much more wearable, natural look and really enhances any natural texture and layering in the cut. •Baby lights: Soft delicate light strands living closer to the regrowth area, an application to transition existing haircolor from season to season. Presentation by: SHERRY RATAY DONNA BELLA HANDS-ON CERTIFICATION CLASS Monday : 10:00AM - 1:00PM Study the art of hair extension installation with our Master Educator Ruben Martinez! This intensive training course will give you handson experience with all three professional hair extension methods (I-Link, Kera-Link, and Tape-In). For I-Link you ll learn how to install beads with no slippage and how to find the best bead color for the client. The Kera-Link training will show you how to install extensions, making them virtually unnoticeable. After you ve completed the Tape-In training, you will be able to install a full head of Tape-In extensions in 30 minutes. Participants will receive a starter kit in the method of their choice and access to our online education and certification program. Tools needed: Pen, Paper, Shears Presentation by: DONNA BELLA HAIR EXTENSIONS & RUBEN MARTINEZ Cost of Class $175 HAIR EXTENSION CERTIFICATION BY ADRIAN THE DREAMWEAVER Sunday : 9:00AM - 3:00PM Workshop will cover various hair extension methods including Fusion, Micro Rings and Tape Hair techniques as well as top pieces for thinning hair. The educational portion of this class begins with consultation pre-qualifying your client and determining who is and who is not a candidate for hair extensions. We will discuss consent and release forms, monetary deposits, as well as client home care instructions. The course covers layering techniques for attaching the hair extensions and color blending. We also include sections for problems and solutions, medical interactions, and marketing and promotion. The in-depth hands on portion of this class is done on provided mannequin heads and includes proper techniques for removing the extensions. Presentation by: ADRIAN THE DREAMWEAVER IMAGE is EVERYTHING 21 Cost of Class $499 Pre-Pay $150 Show Day $195

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