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IMAGE Show Preview Guide Dallas 2016

IMAGE Show Preview Guide Dallas 2016


ABOUT THE EDUCATORS A haircutter at heart, Education Director for Composure Haircare, Antonio Tarrell loves the effects of combing cutting, product placement and creativity. ANTONIO TARRELL The ANTONIO TARRELL brand is a continuing education company in Mississippi that offers courses, digital education and quality tools for the hairdressing professional. With over 20 plus years of experience as a salon owner and educator, Antonio is credit for creating a new culture of haircutters “We Curve Hair” which was develop around premium curvature comb, DACurv by Antonio Tarrell. Irv is a highly sought after international Educator. As an owner and manager of salons from Chicago to Washington, DC and California, IRV KRAULEDIS Irv provides a learning atmosphere that is inspiring and fun, with enthusiasm and a contagious energetic personality. Serving his country in the U.S. Army as a linguist, Jeremiah Sammons never considered a career in the beauty industry. After running a JEREMIAH SAMMONS successful cable/fiber optics company for a number of years, he began his journey into the beauty industry at the Aveda Institute in San Antonio, Texas with the intention of someday opening a small salon. That never happened. Instead, Jeremiah began writing for Modern Salon Magazine… which led him to dedicating the last 15 years of his life to education. Besides his Instructor’s License in Cosmetology, Jeremiah also is a licensed Master Esthetics Instructor, a Massage Therapy Instructor, a Doula, has earned his M.A. in Elementary Education, a M.A.T. in Deaf Education, and his M.B.A. in Business. (Currently he is working on a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine at Texas Chiropractic College.) While committed to his own personal development, Jeremiah in no less dedicated to his fellow stylists. He has dedicated his life to educating others and genuinely wants every student to reach their greatest potential. His talents stretch far beyond his brilliant cutting and finishing skills; and he is a sought after business consultant, educator, public speaker, and writer (having won a National Teacher’s Association Award for his work “One Small Acorn”.) Kleo Graham has been styling hair professionally since 2011, currently owns A Cut f Cuts LLC in Valdosta, Ga. Every since entering the industry, he has obtained a KLEO GRAHAM magnificent obsession with the notion of creating life when styling hair. With Kleo’s knowledge of styling straight/curly hair, he has the ability to blend both knowledgeable concepts together for superior techniques and creative cutting. As Kleo continues to strengthen his magnificent obsession, his efforts continue to show through his consistent performance, unmatched work ethic, unsurpassed product knowledge, professionalism, and quality services. Ruben is Donna Bella’s Director of Education and has been working with the company since 2005. He teaches RUBEN MARTINEZ classes for Donna Bella all over the country and he’s installed full heads of hair extensions in all 3 methods on well over 1000 people. He’s dedicated much of his time and energy figuring out the very best way to install Donna Bella hair extensions, and now he’s here to save you all that time by sharing his tips and tricks for installing extensions quickly and efficiently. Justin Kace is CEO of JustinKace Products and the publisher of Prostylin Hair Magazine. He is also the founder JUSTIN KACE of one of the beauty industries largest resource for step-by-step educational videos and professional software. He has a line of professional shears, magnetic wristbands and hair care products to include JustinKace Styling Puddy, Spritz, Finishing Gloss, Shampoo, Conditioner, Therapeutic Scalp & Hair Healing Serum and Loc Therapy. He formed Design Team to meet the high demand request for hands-on training and seminars due to his strong following and step-by-step dvd clientele. He has been called upon to judge several beauty and barber competitions and is a well-respected sought after educator, platform artist and motivational speaker that have been featured nation-wide and internationally at numerous hair and beauty tradeshows With over 16 years experience in the Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattooing Industry, Sherah Juarez is the C.E.O. and Lead Educator SHERAH JUAREZ for “Ink Boutique”, a company she originally founded in order to give breast cancer survivors access to the most advanced innovations in cosmetic Areola reconstruction. Sherah is a Board-certified Medical Micropigmentologist who has trained with experts all over the world and is currently Master-Certified in 11 different techniques. Sought out for her expertise by clients, plastic surgeons, estheticians, and other Permanent Makeup artists, Sherah has expanded her “Ink Boutique” to provide training and support for medical professionals and to those of her peers looking to learn new techniques. Her company was recently featured on Channel 13 News, currently holds contracts with 13 Plastic Surgeons in the Greater Houston area, and has performed THOUSANDS of procedures. Chris Nobles is a hairstylist, cosmetology instructor, beauty educator and entrepreneur. A graduate of Mitchell’s Hair Academy (2003) in CHRIS NOBLE Greenville, NC, Chris is the owner of Hair Prophecy Int’l, a successful beauty salon in Kinston, NC. His innovative styles and techniques, talent, vision and passionate dedication to his clients have enabled him to achieve much success in the industry. Chris is the CEO of HairCology Products, a full range of super luxe hair care products made without harsh chemicals, designed to provide optimum hair care while making sure that the integrity of the hair is not compromised. Chris believes that healthy hair and great style should be able to coexist. He has been a featured educator at many of the most prestigious international beauty shows including Bronner Bros. (ATL, MD, TX), Image Expo, Beauty Expo (Houston, Dallas), Proud Lady Beauty Show and Premiere Beauty Shows (FL, OH, AL) to mention a few. Eunice Johnson is the stylist/owner of Eunice’s Hair Salon in Arlington, Texas. She has over 29 years within the cosmetology field; ranging from salon business, EUNICE JOHNSON specializing in non-surgical Hair Replacement and Healthy Hair Care services. She travels all over as an international educator covering such topics as hair replacement, hair weaving and business application techniques just to name a few. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, various certifications, an instructor license in the state of Texas. As well a her salon experience and various techniques qualifies her to teach Cosmetologist’s how to succeed in their businesses. In March of 2013, our founder Michael Elliot visited a nail salon. He looked at the female magazines, the pastel colors and the television blasting Real MICHAEL ELLIOT Housewives of Atlanta. As Michael observed his surroundings, he felt discomfort. He wanted hand and foot grooming but he also wanted to feel at home, content with his surroundings. Knowing full well that he wasn’t alone in his thinking, Elliot envisioned a decidedly more male-centric environment for hand and foot grooming. Sharon Reams has been a veteran hair stylist for more than 25 years. She is a recognized International Educator/Platform Artist, who has traveled the world demonstrating SHARON REAMS her award winning hair extension techniques that are transforming the hair industry. Sharon has a true passion for helping others to unleash their true potential as a healthy hair extension specialist. By attending her classes, seminars or workshops you can triple you extension knowledge and profits. As an internationally recognized platform artist and educator, Sharon’s goal is to educate, inspire and compel stylists to be all that you can be. Chuck Caple Upscales of Richmond Educator / Author CHUCK CAPLE 33 year veteran in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist instructor & educator Salon owner of Upscales of Richmond in Richmond VA Author of “Coloring Chemically Relaxed Hair”, “The Science of Healthy Hair” and soon to be released “Universal Hair Coloring & Formulation” Owner and President of Complexion Semi Permanent colors Former consultant for Avlon Industries makers of Affirm Products Consultant and Director for Procter & Gamble in their South Africa academy Former honorary Instructor for Pivot Point Intl at the world headquarters location in Chicago IL Educated stylists in the Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada, United Kingdom and South Africa Features in magazines like Sophisticates Black Hair, Salon Sense, Shoptalk, Salon Innovator etc. Platform artist for companies like Avlon, Elasta QP etc Trained stylists from around the world Developed the “voice command” teaching method As senior cosmetologist with over 12 years of experience, Keisha G. uses hair as her canvas, to bring out each client’s unique beauty. Experimenting with KEISHA GEORGE friends and family at an early age, she knew that using her creativity to invent different styles was in her future, quickly learning that hair wasn’t just an accessory, but the key to feeling beautiful. Known for her genuine and personable connection with her clients, hair extensions, precision hair coloring, cutting and keeping a pulse on the latest trends, Keisha G. is an in-demand stylist and instructor. Truly passionate about her chosen career, this star-stylist’s personal goal to grow and excel in her craft allows her to be experienced in the latest techniques, while constantly working on innovative methods to expand her artistic ability. Her head-turning hair artistry has been featured in Essence’s Hot Hair and Sophisticates Black Hair magazines. In addition, Keisha has worked on the style team for D.C. Fashion Week as well as numerous fashion shows and photo shoots. She has also assisted with celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson and Teyana Taylor. Tippi Shorter, Kim Kimble and Kiyah Wright are just a few of the celebrity stylist she has had the opportunity to learn from. Whether sleek, sophisticated or edgy, Keisha G. knows how to bring out the beauty in everyone. Whether she’s creating a complete make-over or maintaining a style for your hair-type and lifestyle, her confident attitude and keen attention to detail has rendered Keisha as one of the most highly regarded hair stylists in the business. IMAGE is EVERYTHING 28

ABOUT THE EDUCATORS Five years after transitioning to Little Saigon to Beverly Hills and hundreds of clients later, Daniel Dinh’s eyelash artistry has been featured by different DANIEL DINH media outlets. Thanks to the help and support of his clients, not a publicist/ PR team, Daniel’s work has been featured in magazines such as “Allure,” “Time,” “C,” “In Touch,” “Essence,” “Tiger Beat,” and “BOP.” Daniel’s talents have also spotlighted by various television news media from Los Angeles (KCBS/KCAL-TV), to New York (Spanish TV), and Germany (Libz-TV) to the television series “Girlfriends,” “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!,” and “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels.” During awards season, Daniel’s eyelash enhancements are a favorite at gifting suites – helping the who’s who of Hollywood get ready for the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys and Daytime & Prime-Time Emmys. Native New Yorker, Julia Anne Milin, is an artist with a passion for detail. As a classically trained musician and operatic singer, she has for many years JULIA ANNE MILIN pursued excellence by studying with masters in the USA, Italy and Germany. Milin is a skilled cartoonist and an accomplished website designer. Supported by her mother Connie Milin, Julia has in a short time created one of the USA’s premiere microblading schools and she has risen to the top in this creative field. Julia has quickly become one of the leading American Masters in the European Eyebrow Microblading Embroidery Technique. She has perfected the art of creating perfect symmetry using the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, and realistic hairstrokes using the manual needles. She has trained extensively in Europe and is now proud to bring this new, cutting-edge technique to the United States. Julia cites her long-standing dedication to detail, which she has learned in the operatic field, as one of the factors behind her success. “My mother, who is a huge influence in the business, has a background in largescale account management in the telecommunications industry, as well as 20-plus years in the beauty industry,” she said. “It has been a lot of work, but by combining our skill sets we have created a viable microblading academy and studios that serve the USA.”  Now combining her search for operatic excellence with that of microblading innovation, Julia is a frequent flyer to Europe, Asia and any other locale where merit can be found. Julia operates microblading studios on New York’s Fifth Avenue, as well as in Houston, Texas. The Brow Design Microblading AcademyTM runs courses in New York, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore and other major US centers. Melva Williams has been a professional hair stylist for 24 years now. Since 2001 Melva has been the sole proprietor along MELVA WILLIAMS with husband and business partner Ryan Williams of Something Special Styling Salon located in Irving, TX. They reside in Grand Prairie, TX with their 1 son and 3 grandsons. Through their business they enjoy being contributors in their community. Melva Williams is an entrepreneur and mastering her field. She’s a master stylist, field educator, product developer and motivational speaker. She makes a name for herself by being a qualified expert in all aspects of salon business ownership, client relations, and management operations. She practices continuously and maintains comprehensive understanding of the hair care industry. Melva also has received awards for providing quality hair care and exemplary customer service. Melva sit on the board of Power Forward Woman in the position as Outreach and Partnership where she helps to find organizations in need to connect and partnership with in the community for her organization to contribute and distribute resources. Melva Williams has been featured in several local publications. Such as: Simply Me Magazine, Women Are Game Changers, Perfected Magazine, YoUnique Magazine, DTV Unleashed, and Epitome Magazine. She is now an author with her new book An Educational Guide to Healthy Hair, a step by step guide on how to obtain and maintain a truly healthy head of hair. Her philosophy is mind, body and spirit. Helping women to connect the dots on how their medical issues and their hair issues are related. Melva has educated for the last two years at The Texas Hair Show and will educate this year at The National Hair Show in Kansas, MO. Ramona Patterson started her career as Nail/Stylist Technician at Molar Beauty College in New Orleans, LA. She later went on to further grow her potential at RAMONA PATTERSON Southwest Mississippi Community College in Summit, MS. After finishing school she joined a local beauty salon in her hometown in McComb, MS. Ramona has traveled to many states showcasing her many talents and leaving a lasting impression on those she has encountered. Her personality is one of her greatest qualities. That is one of many reasons why her clients continue to come back to her chair. Ramona is very passionate about people and doing hair, nails and makeup just the completes package of making people feel good about their appearance. Ramona is inspired by the latest trends for hair and nails and her philosophy is, “I EMBRACE CHANGE” and you will notice that with her hair and makeup, it’s an ever changing style. When you sit in Ramona’s chair you are not just a client to her, you become her friend. Ramona attends Kelly Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Kendall Poole where she is a member and she is dedicated to her many duties. One of her duties is being a part of the kitchen staff where she serves food and sometimes she also cooks delicious food. Not only that but she’s also a member of the choir, and she is the president of the Pastor’s appreciation committee. Also, Ramona is a part of the Hospitality Committee, where she is the director. Ramona is also a youth leader at her church, and most importantly she is a dedicated member of her church. Ramona is the mother of a beautiful daughter who is currently enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her daughter is her inspiration and her biggest supporter in her corner as well as other family and friends. Ramona loves shopping, cooking and having fun. In her community she also serves as a role model for young people mainly young ladies because she loves little girls and she loves to help people through anything. Since she has a loving daughter who is basically grown she helps young girls that stay in her community by her church. She picks them up for church on Sunday and she even treats them every now and then. Not only that but Ramona also does young girls hair without a price if they are in need of styling. Also, she occasionally donates clothes to the Salvation Army to help people in need because she has a plethora of clothes. She also loves to be involved with anything that she can be in as long as it’s a good cause. Master Stylists aren’t born ... they make their own names. And Winston Bennett has made a name for himself as one of America’s premiere WINSTON BENNETT stylists through hard work and persistence, but most of all learning every inch of his craft. Winston has become one of the country’s top platform artists after learning the subtle ins and outs of hair care after working for several of the industry’s leading national manufactures.. Platform stylists are “Rock Stars” of the hairdressing world. They are a professional mix of teacher, master communicator and showman. Winston is a certified Master Stylist, sought after both nationally and internationally, and is at the forefront of his craft. After first serving as a board member and later Chairman of Alabama’s State Board of Cosmetology, Winston now dedicates much of his time to instruction ... teaching aspiring stylists at some of the country’s more prominent hair shows. (Bronner Brothers International Hair Show, IBS New York, Premiere Orlando) just to name a few. His Geometrix Salon serves clients from both Mobile and Baldwin Counties on Alabama’s picturesque Gulf Coast, offering a full range of amenities including hair and waxing services, manicures and pedicures, nail treatments and massage therapy sessions. So, again ... what’s in a name? If that name is Winston Bennett, a lot. Ms. Tish Sutton a well-accomplished master at her craft. As a certified cosmetologist for 14 years, with 20 years of experience she has traveled from TISH SUTTON many states leaving her footprints behind. Continuing her education on an national and international level, she believes that education is the key to survive in the beauty industry. Ms .Tish is the owner of Hair Trendz The Salon and is the CEO of Hair Trendz professional product line which is sold and distributed all of the country. Ms.Tish has been featured in many prominent hair magazines such as, Dream magazine, Unique magazine, Encore magazine and many more. IMAGE is EVERYTHING 29

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