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IMAGE Show Preview Guide Dallas 2016

IMAGE Show Preview Guide Dallas 2016


ABOUT THE EDUCATORS Veronica is the newest addition to Christrio ESC, but already has several years working with Christrio products under her belt, and over 10 years of professional experience. VERONICA VARGAS Her creative talent shines through in her acrylic art including intricate patterns and extravagant 3D designs. She finds new inspirations everyday keeping her designs unique and fresh. MARC ROSENGARTEN Marc Rosengarten is the Co-Founder and partner of Bio France Lab. Having experienced problem skin through his 20’s, Marc’s passion to achieve perfectly balanced skin has taken him from a Pre-Med/Chemistry major at UCLA to a career in Skincare and a business degree. With a thirst for knowledge, Marc worked directly with the Director of a French Skincare line, Claudio DiFiore. Together, they launched Bio France Lab. Claus Nissen started training as a hairdresser in 1989 & graduated in 1993. He has devoted much of his life to passing on his knowledge & passion CLAUS NISSEN to other hairdressers. As a student, Claus attended competitions & was the president of the Student Competition Club in South Denmark. From 1995-2006, Claus worked as a hairdressing teacher in Denmark. During this time, he, along with others, founded the education team, “No Limit.” They created trend books & new cutting concepts about the quality & durability of hair without the use of styling products, also while performing at international hair shows. At the same time in his career, Claus helped with the development of hairdressing certification in Europe & Africa. This work later led Claus to teach stylists from around the world, seeking to obtain their European certification. From 1996-2010, Claus had an active role in cooperation with the Danish Hairdressers & Beauticians Union to establish hairdressing schools in South Africa & Ghana & has even taught the students at these locations. With his long background as a hairdresser, his vast experience with Excellent Edges & his international expertise as a teacher, Claus has expanded his working area throughout Europe, Asia & the United States since 2006. In his spare time, Claus still works at his salon in Kolding, Denmark on Saturdays, where he takes excellent care of his customers. Tiffani Hull fell in love with hair as a 3 year old freckle faced little girl cutting her own pigtails. Somewhere between the slice of the scissors and the TIFFANI HULL feel of freshly cut ends she was hooked! Tiffani braided and curled her way through childhood finally attending Baldwin Beauty in Austin, Texas receiving awards for New Talent and Customer Service. She continued her education under the watchful eyes of Marsha Power gaining appreciation for the organic way of life and sustainable beauty. Tiffani stayed with Aveda, growing her business and her thirst for knowledge. In 2013 she transitioned to Color Proof becoming an Envoy and Product Tester. Finally finding Excellent Edges in 2014, Tiff found the tools necessary to move the inspiration all around her into shape and form on the Human Head. Being an Excellent Edges Educator and Ambassador in the US has been one of her greatest blessings. The sky is the limit now and she’s ready to soar! IMAGE is EVERYTHING 30

save the date! HOUSTON Sunday & Monday May 7 & 8 2017 George R Brown Convention Center EVERYTHING IMAGE is 31everything

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