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Hamilton Grey Power March 2018

The Hamilton Grey Power Magazine is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the members informed on issues that directly effect them.


ARRIVED THE BASE THE BASE HAMILTON ARRIVED ARRIVED CHARTWELL CHARTWELL, CHARTWELL, HAMILTON HAMILTON Explore Hamilton Get around on the Orbiter! 12 Hamilton greypower Magazine | March 2018

Sit back, relax and enjoy being driven • The Orbiter is one of 24 bus routes in Hamilton, many services operatin seven days a week • 1,000 bus stops, with more than 90% of Hamilton households within 400m walk of a bus route • All buses are fully accessible and serve key destinations • 60+ BUSIT cards are also available in Hamilton, with discounted travel applying between 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and public holidays SuperGold card users travel free on buses from 9.00am – 3.00pm and from 6.30pm to the end of the service Monday to Friday, and anytime Saturday, Sunday and public holidays Stay up-to-date on Facebook 0800 4 BUSLINE (0800 4287 5463) Hamilton greypower Magazine | March 2018 13

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