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Hamilton Grey Power March 2018

The Hamilton Grey Power Magazine is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the members informed on issues that directly effect them.


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The importance of resistance training for seniors You return home from the supermarket with a grocery bag in each hand. As you arrive on your front door step, you realise your keys are in your pocket. BY NICK READ HEALTH & FITNESS MANAGER UNIREC Easily, you place the bags down in front of you, making sure to keep your chest elevated, back straight and rest your weight on your heels. Reaching into your pocket you turn the key, drop your hips to pick up your bags, and into the house you go. You have just completed one of the most functional lifts in life and exercise. This is commonly known as the “Dead Lift”, because the action requires moving dead weight. There are numerous benefits for seniors to engage in resistance-based training. Some of the physiological benefits include: Muscle growth, increased metabolism, increased bone density, reduced body fat, re- duced blood pressure, resistance to diabetes, improved good health and lower risks of suffering from adverse effects. We already know that exercise is good for us. So what is going to take me from reading this to practising it? Find a Health & Fitness facility in your neighbourhood that runs supervised sessions for seniors. This is more about the social aspect of health. The facility is a hub for you to be part of a thriving community full of zest and laughter. A place to develop friendships while being under the careful guidance of a qualified practitioner. Where to find this place that challenges you in a fun and safe way? The UniRec located on the University of Waikato campus offers LifeFit, Healthy Heart and a range of options for those approaching their senior years. Come and be part of it. UNIREC, THE UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO’S ON-CAMPUS FITNESS CENTRE, OFFERS A RANGE OF DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS. As a member, you can experience all of the awesome facilities, classes and services on offer. GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES Over 40 group exercise classes per week, including Indoor Cycling, Pump, and High Intensity Interval Training. All classes are free for UniRec members. SQUASH COURTS Two glass-backed squash courts available for bookings every day of the week. Court bookings are free for UniRec members. SWIMMING POOLS Two heated Endless Pools which provide an adjustable current. Outdoor Pool open from 1 December - 31 March annually. Use of both pools is free for UniRec members. RESISTANCE TRAINING AND CARDIO A 360sqm strength and resistance zone featuring squat racks, dead-lift platforms, TRX and more. Two dedicated cardio zones offering a range of equipment including rowers, treadmills, bikes and cross-trainers. SPECIALIST SERVICES A range of on-site specialist services including rehabilitation, nutrition, physiotherapy and personal training. Dedicated programmes for seniors (LifeFit) and individuals suffering from injury, illness or disease (MediFit) are also available. YOGA A range of weekly yoga classes taught by specialist instructors. These classes are included for UniRec members and concession cards are available for purchase for non-members. Gate 1, University of Waikato This pass entitles you to attend one FREE LifeFit session at UniRec! Simply show this pass at reception when you’re ready to get started. Terms & conditions apply. LifeFit Sessions: Tuesdays & Fridays, 8.30am – 9.30am Please phone Nick on 07 838 9592 to book your session. PASS MUST BE ACTIVATED BY 30 APRIL 2018. GreyPower 2018 Hamilton greypower Magazine | March 2018 3

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