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Hamilton Grey Power March 2018

The Hamilton Grey Power Magazine is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the members informed on issues that directly effect them.

WEL Energy Trust moves

WEL Energy Trust moves to strip rebate WEL Energy Trust’s move to strip a $300 plus annual power rebate from more than 80,000 electricity connections in Waikato next year has Hamilton Grey Power president Roger Hennebry absolutely “livid.” Roger says this will impact seriously on Hamilton’s 2000 Grey Power members and thousands of other power users on low or fixed incomes in Waikato. Adding to this is the news that each power customer will be paying at least $7 more a month. “What are the trustees thinking?” asked Roger. “The Trust recently had an election for trustees where only 17 percent of eligible voters bothered to complete their voting papers. “The trustees had a moral obligation to put this issue in front of the public before the election, instead of announcing its move after. “Trustees had no mandate to do this.” Roger said it was his understanding that “matters of significance” required consultation with not only the capital beneficiaries (Hamilton City and Waikato and Waipa District Councils), but with consumers. “Where is the evidence that this consultation has taken place?” said Roger. For the trust chair Mark Ingle to describe the rebate as “irrelevant” showed how out of touch the trustees were, he said. “I will be inviting Ingle to come to our next available Grey Power meeting to explain to members the benefits they will get in losing a $300 plus rebate annually and to pay an extra $7 per month on their power bills,” said Roger. Roger’s father, the late Ken Hennebry was at the forefront of community protest at the sale of the company to an American power company in the 1990s and the communities fight to successfully buy the company back. In 2002 he was part of a group who formed the Power Rebates Team. The team won a majority and were successful in achieving rebates averaging $127 for every consumer in the first year (depending on usage) rising to $300 plus. “Ken would roll over in his grave knowing that the original shareholders in the company were to lose their power rebates and end up paying more.” FOR SALE Manual Chair with push assisted rims For sale a Manual Chair with two sets of wheels (one with push assisted rims). Two sets of batteries, spare cushion cover plus battery charger $2000 ono. CONTACT: or phone: 027 289 3080 NEW MRI CT ULTRASOUND SCANNER OPENING X-RAY CT IN BONE OCTOBER DENSITY 2016 Bowel Cancer Detection and Prevention with CT Colonography Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer related deaths in New Zealand. Many of these cancers are preventable by the detection and removal of polyps, which if left alone, may become cancerous. Pacific Radiology now offers CT Colonography, which takes less than 30 minutes to complete, does not require anaesthesia, sedation or recovery time. For friendly, professional service and diagnostic excellence call for an appointment today or visit Quote for the Quarter: A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is the one who can find such a man. – Lana Turner The thought of moving house overwhelming? Move Managers takes the stress out of preparing your home for sale, downsizing, moving or just wanting to get organised. When you’re faced with the challenge of downsizing to a smaller home or need help with a deceased estate, Move Managers is here to help. It’s easy to get started. Just give us a call, we’ll visit you to discuss your needs. The initial visit is free. Police checked, fully insured and happy to provide testimonials. 21 Von Tempsky Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton Phone: 07 834 3530 Email: B9875H call us 07 838 9957 Visit our website for more information email us at 6 Hamilton greypower Magazine | March 2018

Avoid computer scammers Do you have frustrating computer problems that you cannot fix? You should still ignore unsolicited phone calls offering to fix your computer. BY MATT BENTLEY I’ve noticed a rise in the number of clients telling me they’ve had a random call from someone with a foreign accent telling them there’s a problem with their computer. This is obviously a scam and you should know how the whole thing works: They call you (sometimes bouncing their call through a NZ landline number) and tell you there’s a problem with your computer. If you capitulate, they tell you to do a bunch of things on your computer, which gives them access. They access your computer and do some stuff on screen, while in the background installing a programme which they can use to control your computer at a later point. They tell you they can fix the problem, but it’ll cost a certain amount of money. If you don’t pay, they’ll bombard you with calls telling you the problem is still there and they need to fix it. If you ignore this, they use the programme they installed in the background to lock your computer so you can’t use it, typically after a month or thereabouts. Luckily, if you have gone along with their instructions at some point, the problem software is easily removed - just give me a call. If not, here’s the best way to deal with these critters: 1. Record the phone call or take down their phone number if you can. 2. Don’t do anything they say and hang up. 3. Don’t answer any more calls from them. They may call on multiple numbers, record these numbers but keep hanging up. Eventually they will get the message. 4. Report the incident to your phone service provider, who will often be able to block or deal with the phone numbers in question. If you’ve called someone for computer support, obviously that’s a different story. But unsolicited calls about your computer are always scams. Remember: if unsure, hang up. And if you have any problems with your computer that you can’t solve yourself, feel free to give me a call. Matt Bentley is a computer repair expert with Waikato Home PC Support. Waikato-wide, $50 p/h ($40 for new clients), no callout fee, 20 years experience. Email or phone 0211348576. Plan ahead for peace of mind. Ph: 07 855 5541 Hamilton greypower Magazine | March 2018 7

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