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JIM KAIGHN INSURANCE AGENCY- HOME OF THE “INSURANCE DOCTOR” This article is a reprint to re-introduce myself to new readers T his is my fi rst article about insurance. Here, you will get to know me better . People need to have confi dence and trust in their advisor. My philosophy about my work is for my clients to understand what they are buying, to understand the terminology, to understand their views and wants, so I can better fi t an idea that best suits them and their family and/or business. As of now, I have been in the insurance business for 50 years, longer than any other agent in this area specializing in Life and Health Insurance related policies. I also have insurance degrees in Life and Health Insurance and in Financial Planning, but, I specialize in Insurance planning!! I am not saying I am the smartest agent, just that I have ability to do my work smarter for people and their business. I do not have a fancy office with 20 secretaries, I work out of my home since 1980..When I do speak with folks, I come to their home or offi ce, making it more convenient for you. I have written insurance articles for the DAILY ADVANCE, given seminars with other professional people in law, accounting and investments to help people get more knowledge. I have a very good working knowledge on car, homeowners, and business insurance, for I use to have a license in Property and Casualty Ins. I have taught insurance classes at the COLLEGE OF THE ALBEMARLE and insurance classes for Real Estate agents for them better understand insuranceand how it fi ts into their clientele’s insurance questions. The main difference between myself and other agents is that I work with many companies, not just one.. Many times I am told that folks have their Life Ins. where they have their car and homeowners coverage because it is easier to have all their policies with one agent and one agency..This is good, but understand, that agent only has one company to choose from, they can not shop around for the best ideas, I CAN AND DO!!.. Also, that agency’s main business is car and homeowners and business insurance, they are not 100% fi xed on Life my companies are..All I ask people to do is to give me a try, no promises, no scare tactics, just my best work THE FIRST TIME!!! I will be doing future articles on different topics and I will take ideas from the readers on topics they want info about..I can be reached at 335 5983 or 202 5983 or at my ..My website is WWW.INSDRJIM.COM-- Until later--HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU!!! by Jim KAIGHN, CLU,CHFC,RHU,AABA, BSBA,LUTCF Using Medical Experts in Injury Cases Experienced injury attorneys have to know a lot about medicine. It is impossible for me to competently help my badly injured clients unless I fully understand and can explain to either insurance companies or juries the full effects and impacts of my client’s injuries. I spend a lot of time researching injuries, their consequences, the impact of those injuries on other parts of the body, and the cause of those injuries. However, sometimes my clients are injured in ways that are beyond my understanding, or they are injured so signifi cantly that I cannot be sure of their prognosis or the likelihood of full of partial recovery. In those cases I hire a nurse consultant or another doctor to help me understand the injuries, or what the future holds for my clients, or to simply help me speak the treating physician’s language so that the treating physician can provide the necessary reports or testimony to make sure that the responsible person or insurance company is held accountable. Sometimes I use nurse consultants. These nurses review the medical records and summarize them for me. They also point out problematic issues that I need to address, such as medical record errors, or the lack of certain necessary tests, or the failure of the physicians to fully appreciate important aspects of the case. Sometimes I send nurses to my client’s medical appointments to observe and/or communicate directly with the doctor, in the same way that worker’s compensation insurance companies send nurses. Nurses are often very valuable members of my legal team. by Danny Glover limited conversations I had with the doctor, I was having a hard time getting the doctor to understand the legalese necessary for him to help his patient and my client with his case. As a result, the insurance company continued to deny the claim because I was unable to provide the magic forms and reports that the insurance company was requiring (which is code for the insurance company simply using any excuse possible to deny the claim). I hired an orthopedic doctor to consult with me. That doctor reviewed all of my client’s medical records and fi lms and then educated me - from Point A to Point Z - about how physicians would view the chain of medical events from the day of my client’s wreck until the present day. With that specifi c micro-medical education in hand, I was then able to effectively communicate with my client’s doctor to obtain the medical testimony necessary to force the insurance company to pay what it legally owed on the claim. So, when choosing an attorney to handle your injury case, make sure that you choose an attorney who not only knows the law, but also knows the medicine involved in your case, or the experts who can educate the lawyer about the medicine in your case. In other cases I may actually hire doctors of the same specialty as my client’s treating physicians. While much more expensive than simply hiring nurses, it is frequently well worth the expenditure. In one case a few years ago, I was having problems communicating with my client’s doctor, and in the 10 Albemarle Tradewinds March 2018

MICHAEL P. SANDERS, P.C. Serving the Albemarle Region and the Outer Banks since 1990. Criminal and Traffic Law, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, General Practice. Dear Dr. Crime Dr. Crime is a pseudonym for a social scientist holding a Ph.D. degree in sociology and in criminology. He has worked in all major parts of the criminal justice system. Drop him a note at the website If you or your child is in trouble, he may be able to help, give him a call (2523390000) or E-mail at 1755 C City Center Boulevard Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Office (252) 331-1628 Fax (252) 331-1657 We are located near the 3 Amigos Mexican Restaurant and behind the Sherwin-Williams Paint Store. Bibles, Books, Children’s Corner, Gifts, Jewelry, Music, DVD’s, T-Shirts, Pastor Robes and Shirts, Featuring great Local Artists... Dear Dr. Crime: Tell me more about the bad girls. TeenGuy Dear TG: It’s my guess you have trouble getting a date, but I will continue our discussion about gender. A report out last month from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service showed girls in residential placement were more likely than boys to have status offenses and technical violations. In regard to boy / girl arrests, boys in recent years show a huge drop in arrests but the percent of arrests involving girls has grown. About half of the girl arrests were for assault or theft. i Finally, if you do get a date, BE NICE! Dear Dr. Crime: Are our kids violent because they are victims on dates? Could that have caused the 17 deaths in the school shooting? Teacher Dear Teacher. Thank you for what you do. These are diffi cult times and awareness of the levels of violence kids see is important. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that among students who dated, 21 percent of female students and 10 percent of male students experienced physical and/or sexual violence. And we know violence has awful impacts. Kids like you mention are likely to experience depression and anxiety, engage in unhealthy behaviors such as experimenting with tobacco, drugs and alcohol, and have thoughts about suicide. The effects are broad but we cannot relate our research to the one case you mention, we know so little about the boy-killer. Dear Dr. Crime: I hear crooks are demanding body cameras on our police. If we do that is it any use to our offi cers? CopWife Dear CopWife: Yes. A NCJRS study reports that, in Las Vegas, body-worn cameras benefi t the officers who wear them and the public they serve. It has been my experience that some people will lie about the police. Readers: please go to our web based, anonymous, private, no one knows who you are, site: and help us with research. FootPrint Mon, Tues, & Fri: 9AM - 6PM Thurs. 9am - 7PM Wed: 9AM - 1PM Sat: 9AM - 3PM Christian Resources & Unique Gifts 206 N. Poindexter St Elizabeth City NC 27909 252-562-6690 Dear Dr. Crime: Is the Electric Chair really a chair? Philosopher Dear Philosopher: Picture below. See for yourself. Please start a discussion about the death penalty. A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure. - Charlie Chaplin Clear Water Pools 252-331-7767 Cathy & Melvin Hooker, Jr. /Owners 110 Mill St. Elizabeth City NC Outback Above Ground Pools Liner Replacement Fiberglass Pools Chemicals / Supplies / Parts Water Analysis Safety Covers Call and ask about our pool coverings and closing services Albemarle Tradewinds March 2018 11