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Elizabeth City First Friday Art Walk By: Deborah Malenfant Every First Friday of the month many art studios and businesses in downtown Elizabeth City are open from 5:00 pm until 7ish for the First Friday ArtWalk! Guest artists, along with food and music, abound as the downtown streets come to life. Each participating business hosts a different guest artist. On any given ArtWalk night, you may see a variety of jewelry artists, handmade soaps and lotions, glass work, metal work, hand created cards, paintings and drawings, cupcake decorating, pottery demonstrations, or live music performances. It’s done twelve months a year, but each month is different due to changing participation. Come down to see all of the local creativity and stay and eat dinner at one of the several great restaurants downtown or experience the new brewpub in Pailin’s Alley. Participating locations are updated in the week prior to each month’s event. You can also drop the Kids off at Port Discover, 611 E. Main Street, before the ArtWalk. For more information, call 252-338-4104 or email elizabethcitydowntown@ or visit http://www. rst-friday-art-walk/ or check out the Facebook listing of downtown events: The Albemarle Tradewinds reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media Ken and learn how. 252-333-7232 The support you need to find quality SENIOR LIVING SOLUTIONS INDEPENDENT LIVING • ASSISTED LIVING • MEMORY CARE A Place for Mom has helped over one million families find senior living solutions that meet their unique needs. Our Advisors are trusted, local experts who can help you understand your options. Here’s what’s included with our free service: A dedicated local Advisor Help scheduling tours There’s no cost to you! CALL (855) 900-5734 ! We’re paid by our partner communities Hand-picked list of communities Move in support Full details and pricing We think too much and feel too little. - Charlie Chaplin Come downtown where there is Something for everyone! Refresh, renew, re-discover DOWNTOWN ELIZABETH CITY Justin Conran Ashley McPherson (252)331-2980 (252)548-4530 104 East Main Street Elizabeth City, NC Traditional shave and haircut, half price for military and law enforcement. Stylists are up to date on the latest color and styling services. 6 Albemarle Tradewinds March 2018

Health and Nutrition Strategies For Cancer Survivors and Everybody Else Warren Green is a 30 year member of the Institute of Food Technology, A HAACP (hazard analysis critical control point) Instructor with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science. WHAT’S IN YOUR DIET? Warren Green can be reached at In last months article I went into detail about what U.S Certifi ed Organic means and I cited the Federal Register and the CFR (Code of Federal Relations) where you can locate substances and additives that fi nd there way into the food chain without being identifi ed on the label. I also shared how meat and poultry labeling have to be pre-approved before they are permitted into commerce. That pre-approval includes: formulation, method of manufacturing, substantiation of claims, packaging, etc.etc. In the old days most foods were organic, grown locally and reached local markets within days of harvest. There were no pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, or added hormones. How these substances got into our food chain is what this article is all about. The agricultural concept is “farm to table” so let’s use that model, and go from “idea to consumer”. A manufacturer creates a dish and attempts to get it from concept to market. The manufacturer will submit the concept to a laboratory to develop the formula and determine the nutrition facts. From there it’s submitted to USDA Food Labeling for approval. The submital will be reviewed for compliance with the agency’s standard of identity for the product. If the product meets the requirements, its approved and permitted into commerce. So, how does bad stuff like, rBGH(synthetic growth hormone) get into the food chain? Let’s look at dairy. In the ‘70’s researchers found that bovine growth hormones increased milk production by up to 30%. The justifi cation for its use, was of, course economic. The manufacturer petitions the FDA for approval. The FDA publishes it for public comment. Depending upon the results, it’s entered into the Federal Register, and into the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The caveat for the dairy scenario is that increased milk production comes with increased antibiotics. It’s believed that increased antibiotics promotes weight gain. An economic win win for the dairy/ beef industry. Just completed my annual diet optimization. That’s when I go to a modifi ed “Mediterranean Diet” for a month or two, to repair some of my year long dietary damage. Last year I eliminated all dairy products and some of the infl ammation responses that were assumed arthritis went away. This year was even more ambitious, I decided to eliminate products made with enriched white fl our. I substituted whole grain fl our in my baking, and made sure that the only commercial products I consumed had at least 10 grams of dietary fi ber. Physically I feel pretty good for a 78yr old cancer survivor, but the proof will be in my next annual blood panel when I look at my numbers and compare them to my baseline. Either way eliminating enriched fl our and products made with enriched fl our are permanent. Finally, last month was a month of highs and lows. The lows were the demise of my 98yr old mother and 73yr old brother, both within three weeks. Hard to maintain a diet under those circumstances, but I did. The high, was of course the College Of The Albemarle,(COA) adding agriculture to its curriculum beginning in 2019. Now if we can acquire accredited organic soil certifi cation laboratory services, we will be well on our way to developing organic produce enterprises for our region. My promotion of the “Organic Capital of the World” is coming together and will provide high paying jobs for our young folks and superior clean food options. I’ll crunch numbers and connect dots in next months column. Remember,let food be your medicine. Want to hear Warren Green on our Local Voices Unfiltered Show? Protecting your assets, while providing the responsive service you deserve. Business Home Auto Boat Renters Workers Comp. Hometown Friendly. Multi-State Strong. Elizabeth City, NC (252) 338-3322 Edenton, NC (252) 482-2101 Kitty Hawk, NC (252) 441-0810 Plymouth, NC (252) 793-5121 Leslie Cornett Custom Upholstery Recovering Style & Comfort Since 1983 Arsenault Construction ...from big to small. We do it all! Free Estimates - 35 Years experience Remodeling - Roofing John Arsenault 1211 Davis Bay Road Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Licensed and Insured Cell 252-455-0089 Local Voices Unfiltered Go to and look on the Youtube Tradewinds channel on the right column and click the upper left icon to see a list of videos 252-619-5654 Serving Elizabeth City and Surrounding Areas Text, Email or Call for a FREE Estimate! Albemarle Tradewinds March 2018 7