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2 1 3 FLOOR DISPLAYS 1. Splash page 165 | 2. EuroFit Bend page 146 | 3. Deluxe GeoMetrix page 161 WHEN CHOOSING A FLOOR DISPLAY HAVE YOU CONSIDERED… SIZE - What is the size of your space? FREQUENCY - How often will you be setting up and taking down your display? TRANSPORT - How will this display be transported? FLEXIBILITY - Will you be changing out your message and look frequently? 142 ACCESSORIES - Do you need lights for your display, and will power be available?

EUROFIT MODULAR DISPLAY SYSTEM MORE VERSATILE. MORE CONNECTED. MORE MODULAR. Double-sided graphic covers slide on and off, making frequent layout changes a breeze. Lightweight aluminum tubing is consistent in size to ensure compatibility with the EuroFit Connector. Slim swivel feet allow units to be paired at angles. EuroFit Connector holds individual units together. EUROFIT FEATURES & BENEFITS Patent #9637963 Joints are labeled for accurate step-by-step frame assembly. Push-button connectors make it easy to assemble. Fabric contours to the frame for a form-fitted look. Select displays feature a heavy-duty zipper that secures the graphic cover. Soft carry case included with all kits. Displays can be hinged together using the EuroFit Connector. EASE OF SETUP • asi 87188 • PPAI 254687 • SAGE 67383 • PPPC 20101202 143

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