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How to Fix the Keyboard Error of Acer device

How to Fix the Keyboard Error of Acer

How to Fix the Keyboard Error of Acer device? Acer laptop is one of the ace players in the market and many of the users believe it is the ultimate blend of efficiency and affordability. They have stayed strong in the market ever since the inception but also there are users, who are slightly intimidated by the brand. This intimidation has occurred because many of the users have started to complain about their keyboard completely or partially not working. Since there is no such hard and fast rule to understand the cause of unresponsive keys. It can be either hardware or software problem but it is hard to guess but there are few methods to solve the problem depending on the troubleshooting methods. Acer Laptop Support suggests the most effective way to troubleshoot the error: Troubleshooting Process to Solve Keyboard Error in Acer Device: The first step is to do a hard reset. Next, remove the battery of your laptop. Then remove the battery and AC adapter. Now press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and back up with the booting process. Next, uninstall and reinstall the keyboard driver: o Go to Device Manager and uninstall keyboard driver o Reboot the device and reinstall the driver from Acer’s official website. o Check whether the Keyboard settings are set to United States. If all of this process is completed, the problem might have been fixed. If not, you will need to proceed with a complete factory reset.

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