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DIALOGUE A round-up of

DIALOGUE A round-up of recent Society meetings & conferences ROSEMARY PRIDMORE, EXECUTIVE OFFICER 20 NOVEMBER 2017 Director of Public Prosecutions, Adam Kimber SC Then President, Tony Rossi and Chief Executive, Stephen Hodder met with Adam Kimber SC, Director of Public Prosecutions and informed Mr Kimber of the work the Society generally, including recent submissions and the development of key policy issues for the 2018 State election. 21 NOVEMBER 2017 His Honour Chief Judge Evans Matters discussed at a meeting between Tony Rossi, Stephen Hodder and His Honour Chief Judge Michael Evans included arrangements for special directions hearings; the increasing complexity and volume of the law (particularly the criminal law); and the Society’s election policy issues. 1-2 DECEMBER 2017 Law Council of Australia and associated quarterly meetings Tony Rossi (as the Society’s Law Council Representative and as President), Tim Mellor (President-Elect) and Stephen Hodder attended a quarterly meeting of Directors of the Law Council of Australia, and associated meetings, in Canberra. Matters discussed included a draft Trial Federal Issues Management Protocol; communication strategies; the use of artificial intelligence by law firms and “virtual” firms; promotion of the profession and respect for the rule of law; the extension of Anti-Money Laundering provisions to the legal profession and the associated regulatory burden. 30 JANUARY 2018 Legal Services Commission President Tim Mellor and Stephen Hodder attended a meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Legal Services Commission. Matters discussed included the results of the Society’s 2016-17 survey of work done and legal aid payments received by Panel Solicitors and the Society’s subsequent request to the LSC that in light of the results it seeks funding for further payments to legal practitioners; the role of the LSC’s Legal Profession Reference Committee and the LSC’s Access to Justice program. 7 FEBRUARY 2018 The Honourable Chief Justice Kourakis Matters raised by Tim Mellor and the Executive Officer, Rosemary Pridmore at a meeting with the Chief Justice included: Court ordered mediation. The Chief Justice advised his intention to require that a mediation (of some form) have been held before a matter is listed for trial; The establishment of a Probate Registry Users Group to be chaired by the Honourable Justice Stanley (for which the Society is providing administrative support and representation (via the Succession Law Committee)). Court premises. The Chief Justice has a preference for separate campuses for each court, rather than the State Courts all being housed in a new ‘precinct’. Noting the presently planned upgrade to the Sir Samuel Way Building the Chief Justice’s suggestion is that District Court civil court rooms and chambers be located in a new building being possibly a building proposed by the Adelaide City Council, which would include office premises, over the arcade alongside the Sir Samuel Way Building. The fifth floor of the Sir Samuel Way Building could be used for criminal matters, and a specialist Supreme Court building constructed, with two or three criminal courts, one of which would be capable of being a grand ceremonial court. Court funding. As a result of a mid-year budget review, the courts are facing a reduction above the usual “efficiency reduction” of over $1.7 million in 2018/2019 and to approximately $2.5 million in 2019/2020. The Chief Justice was unsure how the Courts would manage to achieve these cuts. A reduction in services would be inevitable. The Supreme Court was presently keeping up with its workload whilst the District Court was almost to the point of doing so. Electronic Court Management System. This is due to commence later in 2018 and will be first introduced in Probate Registry and Magistrates Court (Civil) matters. Please note: The Society’s advocacy work is reported to Members via the Advocacy Notes e-newsletter. 6 THE BULLETIN March 2018

St Aloysius College NEXT SCHOOL TOUR Tuesday 27 March 2018, 10am ELC to Year 12 City School for Girls • Hear about our outstanding academic record and exceptional pastoral care. • Visit our city school with its easy access to Adelaide’s educational resources. • Meet our teachers and hear how they provide engaging, contemporary learning experiences for young people. • Tour our facilities which include a gymnasium, two full-sized indoor basketball courts and a heated swimming pool. 53 Wakefield Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Tel 8217 3200 | | A Ministry of Mercy Education Ltd Next School Tours: TERM 1 Tuesday 27 March 2018, 10am TERM 2 Tuesday 22 May 2018, 10am Tuesday 26 June 2018, 10am

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