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Commercial kitchens a key investment One of the most important – and expensive – investment decisions a hotelier makes when planning a refurbishment is the hotel kitchen. In the early stages of South Australia’s hotel refurbishment boom, many venues renovated their hotel in anticipation of increased trade but did not upgrade their production capacity in the kitchen. Lessons have been learned and the commercial kitchen is now a prime focus, keeping in tune with community expectations of high quality meals from their ‘local’. Speak to any publican and they will agree that, per square metre, the kitchen is the most costly sector to refurbish – but the benefits are worth the investment. Much of the cost lies in the equipment. For example, a combi oven may require in the order of $20,000-$30,000. The benefit is that cooking times can be halved and multiple items can be cooked simultaneously. It has been interesting to read about Miso Robotics which has developed a new “robotic kitchen assistant” called Flippy, which recognises food on a hot plate and flips it when it is done. While this is novel for the general public, combi ovens have been using this technology for years, with the ability to program different areas of the oven, resulting in the ability to cook steaks on one rack and eggs on another. The ability to serve a large group, in a short period of time, and synchronise food delivery is extremely valuable to larger operations. The touch screen interface makes it easy to program and manage. Another critical factor during a hotel refurbishment is the ability to stay operational to keep cashflow going. That’s nearly impossible with a kitchen makeover of any substance, which has seen the rise of mobile kitchens. The ‘caravan’ style operation means that a limited menu can be provided to keep patrons in the habit of frequenting your venue. This has been so successful that some chains have invested in their own unit, which then enables them to cater for outdoor functions and assist a particular hotel at peak times. Another growth area in kitchens in the arrival of smoking units. Texas-style burgers and sliders with a distinctive smoked flavour are very popular and this has seen increased sales of grills that incorporate ‘smoke’ pellets to impart that distinctive flavour to the food. Another reason to consider good quality kitchen equipment is the affect it has on staff. Good chefs are always in demand and kitchens with modern equipment will always win out over a kitchen where the chef is expected to work with antiquated ‘tools’. 28 | Hotel SA |

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