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“As the industry looks

“As the industry looks to organize the disruptive innovation that is spinning us toward 2020, a definitive variety of “most desirable” restaurant concepts is taking shape,” he says. “To me, the telltale business set is occurring most visibly and proactively in college and university dining. Students’ eminent demands for heightened personalities in food service; sustainable, global, good fuel/healthy and “I want what I want, when I want it” are leading to mission changes ... “All this should lead us to develop equipment that allows cooks to do what they do, in a more sustainable and varied way. If I had things my way, I would be looking towards more compact and efficient cooking apparatus that supports and even emulates global cuisine cooking styles and processes. “Additionally I would be thinking about how to support the instant remote transaction through every critical control point within the process. Self-service is becoming more and more important, causing us to consider line of site, reach and accessibility with a variety of hot and cold items. “Service accoutrements are becoming more important than ever and vessels critical to the task.” SAFETY FEATURES The Australian Institute Of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning And Heating has produced “Fire safety – Kitchen hood exhaust systems – Understanding and addressing the special fire risks inherent in commercial kitchen ventilation systems”. The document is highly recommended reading, making the point that “kitchen exhaust systems continue to feature prominently in commercial building fire events. “Fire safety within kitchen ventilation systems in not just a matter for the system designer or system installer. The actions of the facilities manager, the maintenance contractor, and the system owner or operator are also critical to ensuring safe outcomes,” says Vincent Aherne, technical manager. The document lists what is calls Seven Deadly Sins. Grease removal device too close to the heat source Unintentional flare-ups from kitchen cooking equipment is the dominant cause of fires in kitchen exhaust hoods and ducts. The further that the grease removal device is installed away from the ignition source, the lower the likelihood that a cooking flare-up will cause ignition within the hood. Poor maintenance/ poor access Systems that are not periodically inspected, maintained or cleaned will be subject to a build-up of oil, grease and other inflammable materials within the duct, filters, gutters, and on the internal surfaces of the hood. Systems that are not properly maintained present a higher risk of a significant fire event. Systems cannot be adequately inspected or maintained if the cleaning contractor cannot access Manufacture and install Stainless Steel commercial kitchen items. Please call or email us with your Stainless Steel requirements. p: 08 8374 2233 e: 34 | Hotel SA |

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