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The top issues are: 1.

The top issues are: 1. Electricity prices 2. Jobs 3. Health 4. Cost of living 5. Reliability of electricity supply 6. Education funding THE CLAIM: HOTELS ARE OWNED BY BIG BUSINESS ‘POKIE BARONS’ The facts: The term ‘Baron’ is a cynical political strategy to deliberately demonise a sector of the business community for political gain. The facts are that 87% of SA hotels are family and SME based. In 2017, many hotels ceased operation due to economic hardship. These were predominantly regional and country. The number of hotels in SA continues to fall each year. THE CLAIM: MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR PROBLEM GAMBLERS South Australia is one of the smallest gaming States yet leads the nation in terms of innovative and co-operative responses to managing problem gambling. Be it the best practice response of Gaming Care and Club Safe – industry-funded bodies that work with venues, management and staff and the help agencies to get the best outcome for those that do have gambling problems, or the voluntary contributions made by hotels and clubs to the Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund outside of the tax system. Of course the reality is many calls for ‘reform’ are driven by political ambitions, not factual research. Take the transition from maximum $10 bets to $5 from January 2017. Did it work, was there a reduction in problem gambler expenditure or participation, was there a marked improvement in people seeking help? We don’t know because no research was done – before or after! To the current day no such systematic research has been undertaken and even those who advocate vigorously for $1 bet limits admit that the research underpinning their argument is largely circumstantial and relatively limited, relying on now aging analyses from the PC. The industry deserves more than circumstantial and limited evidence. It deserves much more than glib responses and smart aleck stunts. It deserves proper analysis and evidence-based responses. There is too much at stake for the State. Ian Horne AHA|SA General Manager 6 | Hotel SA |

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