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MJOW Cookbook Final


BROWN RICE WITH LENTILS, MUSHROOMS AND CASHEW NUTS prep time 5-10 minutes things you need 1 Cup Brown Rice (uncooked) A Pinch Dried Mixed Herbs A Pinch Cajun Spice A Handful Parsley (chopped) 2 Onions (sliced) 1 Stick Celery 3 Tbsp 39 Soy Sauce cook time 20 minutes By RehabRecipes Leigh Bayo and Martin Verheij inspiration I have recently become a Vegetarian and am constantly looking for convenient recipes that can be easily adapted and changed to what ingredients you have available in the fridge. The recipes also need to be substantial enough for my meat eating husband to still enjoy :) .This is one of those recipes which my mom found in one of her recipe books and sent to me. It is incredibly easy to make when the week gets busy and has enough ingredients to work as a substantial meal even if there is no meat. serves 4 people (1 really hungry person) 2 tsp Butter 1 Tin Lentils (drained, with a little juice remaining) A Pinch Salt 50 grams Cashew Nuts 1 Red Pepper (seeded and sliced) 250 grams Mushrooms (sliced) 2 Tbsp Olive Oil

O Vegetarian O Gluten Free O Spicy O Contains Nuts directions 1 Cook rice in a pot of water with 1 tsp butter, some salt and a sprinkle of dried herbs. 2 Place lentils in saucepan or pot. Add salt, Cajun spice and 1 tsp of butter. Allow butter to melt though on low heat. Once melted mix thoroughly and remove from heat. 3 Once rice is cooked mix with lentils and set aside 4 Slice onions, red pepper, mushrooms and celery. Chop parsley 5 Heat 2 Tbsp of olive oil in pot and add onions and red pepper. 6 When onions and red pepper are soft and lightly browned increase the heat and add mushrooms, celery and parsley 7 Stirfry for about 5 minutes until soft 8 Add Soy Sauce and reduce heat 9 Mix with rice and lentils and garnish with cashew nuts notes 40

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