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MJOW Cookbook Final

Foreword This book is a

Foreword This book is a little different from your average cookbook! Besides being handcrafted by a very diverse team, it is meant to be a fun way to get healthy. Health is a very subjective term, so we have put together a nice assortment of recipes that cover the whole spectrum of foods you could eat. Some (well only one really) may be a little unhealthy, but may help balance your mind and mental state! We also wanted to include tips to help you get into cooking. The cookbook was created through a competition for both the artwork and the content. Teams were limited to four submissions: an appetizer, a main, a dessert, and a vegetarian bonus. The best was all compiled into a single submission representing the whole Al Ain Region. 1

Every persons name in the Al Ain region is represented here. Try to find yours! Successful submission are listed in red. Thank you! 2

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