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MJOW Cookbook Final

How to use this cookbook

How to use this cookbook This cookbook is a little different from your average cooking references! Besides being handcrafted by a very diverse team, it is meant to be a fun way to get healthy. Health is a very subjective term, so we have put together a nice assortment of recipes that cover the whole spectrum of foods you could eat. Some may be a little unhealthy, but may help balance your mind and mental state! SMALLS MAINS Dessert 3

O Vegetarian O Gluten Free O Spicy O Contains Nuts This handy little graphic will let you know some quick facts about the dish. Are you allergic to nuts? checked off. Healthy Rating Scale Unhealthy: Only once in a while as a treat Not So Healthy: Marginally better than unhealthy. Some nutritional value Healthy: A fairly balanced meal. You will not feel much guilt eating this. Very Healthy: Extremely balanced meal. Low calorie count. Lots of nutrients. Super Extremely Healthy: You are a rockstar. You cannot get much better than this 4

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