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MJOW Cookbook Final

Common Terms Hello! You

Common Terms Hello! You are the proud new owner of a handcrafted, carefully developed cookbook. If you are a newcomer to cooking, you may need some help getting used to all the lingo and terms. Never fear, this hand dandy guide will take you through some of the basics! 5

Al dente Pasta that has been cooked tender but slightly firm, but not hard. Baste Caramelise Dice Julienne Mince Reduce Saute Sear Simmer Stir To moisten foods with fat or other seasoned liquids during cooking. Basting prevents drying out and adds flavour. The process of browning sugar. Granulated sugar can be caramelised in a pan until it turns brown and takes on a nutty flavour. Fruit and vegetables can also be caramelised by cooking them slowly in a small amount of fat until they are brown and shiny To cut food into tiny cubes To cut food into long thin strips resembling matchsticks. Most commonly used when preparing vegetables To cut food into very tiny pieces. Minced food is cut into smaller, finer pieces than diced food. To thicken or concentrate a liquid by boiling rapidly. The volume of the liquid is reduced as the water evaporates, thereby thickening the consistency and intensifying the flavor. To cook small pieces of food in a small amount of butter or oil over a high heat in a shallow pan, turning and tossing the food so it colours evenly To brown meat over a high temperature very quickly in order to seal in the juices To cook a pot or pan of food just below boiling point. To mix with a utensil the whole contents of a bowl or saucepan, for example, to combine ingredients completely or to keep the mixture moving so that it heats evenly as it cooks. 6

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