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Overcoming Diabetes the Natural Way

Click HERE/BELOW To Learn More On Inflammation And How To Treat It Naturally - - Diabetes - the very sound of the word brings shivers down the spine. And why should it not? The adverse impact it has to one’s wellbeing is beyond anyone’s imagination. Amputation, heart attack, stroke and blindness are some of the health complications this disease endows. Worse still are the worries of longevity which is a common cause of concern among those with type 1 and type 2 diabetics as numerous studies have shown the correlation between diabetes to one’s life expectancy. With progress and development comes the undeniable realization that diabetes is now the world’s fastest growing chronic disease that could strike anyone regardless of their age and sex. One can call it as an epidemic of epic proportion of the twenty-first century, rightfully so due to the increase in mortality rate year after year without any signs of decline. Diabetes,

1. Turmeric This wonder

1. Turmeric This wonder spice takes the top spot of combating many diseases and its impact against inflammation is simply outstanding. It’s widely used among the Asian population and it boost richness in antioxidant. Its component “curcumin” helps treat both Type 1 and 2 Diabetes. Notably, it improves the insulin function which is vital in the prevention of the development of diabetes in the first place. Also, numerous scientific studies have proven that this powerful spice also reduces both blood sugar and cholesterol. Tip: Consider mixing turmeric together with crushed black pepper for this allows the curcumin to remain longer in the bloodstream for maximum benefits. 2. Mango Leaves Yes I said it right. Mango leaves another nature’s wonder that can be used to manage diabetes. This treatment goes far back to many centuries ago so you can be assured that it works. The secret lies in the rich nutrients the leaves contains such as vitamin C, fibers and more so “Mangiferin”, a compound that combats…well you guessed it, Inflammation and other symptoms associated with diabetes. Tip: Simply boil a couple of fresh mango leaves and have them first thing in the morning. Voila! You will see positive changes in time to come if faithfully consumed on a daily basis. 3. Cinnamon It comes to no one’s surprise that another winning agent that works wonder against diabetes is the rich brown colored spice that we all know of as Cinnamon. It acts as a mechanism that reduces blood sugar, increases the insulin in the body and again lower inflammation thanks to the rich compounds it possesses. Tip: Season/ sprinkle some on your food and you are ready to go. You can also make a nice hot Cuppa Tea out of it; it’s as simple as that. How To Beat Diabetes At Its Game Click Here To Learn More On Inflammation And How To Treat It Naturally

What Else Can You Do To Further Protect Yourself? Now that you know that diabetes is a menace and is claiming more life than ever, start by taking concrete positive actions to prevent or have it under control. Here are 3 recommendations that you may consider for a healthier you; 1. Awareness The solution/ prevention always start with awareness. Knowledge is power. Be aware of this disease and educate yourself with as many information as you can through the internet, books, articles and scientific journals. We live in a rich era of digital information available in our fingertips. There are countless sources of research and findings published regularly by the scientific community. Learn as much as you can especially on the aspect of prevention against this disease. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”. Another aspect that you can look into is to research your family tree to identify if diabetes runs in the family and whether it’s being passed on from one generation to another. If the answer is yes, chances are you could be a high risk candidate for inheriting diabetes. Evaluate your risk level and take the necessary steps to stop this disease from claiming your life. 2. Take Action Once you have the information in hand take action by incorporating daily good practices and habits. This involves the usual prevention method such as eating right, managing stress level and having an active lifestyle such as scheduling a fixed time for exercise as part of your daily routine. Exercise brings many benefits to oneself such as it helps to maintain an ideal weight as well as keeping the blood sugar in check. Also take notice of how long you tend to spend time in front of the television or other activities that requires you spending too much time sitting down. These sedentary behaviors do contribute to the high probability of developing diabetes down the road especially if indulged in long/ unchecked hours. 3. Schedule Routine/ Regular Medical Checkup I cannot stress this enough. Whatever age you might be do consider having scheduled visits to have your medical test done at least on a yearly basis for early detection. The visits should be frequent if you are in the high risk category especially those with strong family history or due to the adverse lifestyle you may be leading. Diabetes is known as a silent killer and it had gained this title for a good reason. Be consistently aware of any symptoms that you might be exhibiting relating to diabetes. You can be your best shot to save your own life from this depleting disease. How To Beat Diabetes At Its Game Click Here To Learn More On Inflammation And How To treat It Naturally

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