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DRESSINGS NON-WOVEN ADHESIVE WOUND DRESSING Decription: Our Viscopore is a laminated, non-woven dressing containing a breathable polyurethane layer with a central, absorbent, non-adherent pad. Features: • The unique structure of the Viscopore non-woven dressing, with PU layers, gives it strength and extreme flexibility • The distinctive molecular structure contained in the PU layers allow the product to be permeable to water vapour • Bacteria proof and chances of infection is highly reduced • Highly abosorbent and conformable pad. Laminated with PE net at one side to prevent adherence with the wound • Stripe coated, hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive • Individually packed in peel-able pouch and sterilized by E.O gas Benefits: Highly absorbent and low-adherent pad: The PE wound contact layer enables the passage of blood and exudates to the highly absorbent pad, whilst maintaining a good healing environment and minimal pain during dressing removal. Safe and Secure Fixation: Striped coated hypoallergenic adhesive allows wounds to breathe. No adhesive traces remain on skin after removal. Provides a safe and secure dressing fixation over the wound site. Soft and Conformable: Ensures the patient comfort and conformability to the wound site. Patient Comfort: Viscopore’s structure gives a comfortable effect through its soft cushioning. The pad construction minimises fluid strike-through and protects the wound from trauma upon removal. Skin colour PU in the outermost layer increases patients’ compliance. Application: Viscopore non-woven adhesive dressing is best suited for post-operative use. However, it can be used for accident and emergency situations in case of cuts, lacerations and sutured wounds. 6

DRESSINGS NON-WOVEN ADHESIVE WOUND DRESSING ITEM CODE SIZE PIECES/BOX BOXES/CASE DRE059 83mm x 60mm 50 50 DRE060 83mm x 100mm 20 20 SUR088 83mm x 120mm 20 20 DRE061 83mm x 150mm 20 20 SUR089 83mm x 180mm 20 20 SUR090 83mm x 240mm 20 20 DRE063 100mm x 200mm 20 20 DRE062 100mm x 250mm 20 20 DRE054 100mm x 300mm 20 20 DRE064 100mm x 350mm 20 20 7 7

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