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DRESSINGS TRANSPARENT INTRAVENOUS DRESSING Decription: Our EEZIDERM Intravenous dressing is a transparent adhesive catheter fixation dressing. Features/Benefits: • Outstanding cathether stability • Transparent and breathable • Easy and simple to use • Dressing offers user safety, great comfort and painless removal • Specially designed materials used in the dressing do not irritate the skin • Air and humidity pass freely through the dressing • NO traces of adhesive remain on the skin after removal • Less dressing changes needed • Risk of infection reduced by preventing moisture accumulation • Visual inspection is convenient • High moisture vapour transmission rate film Application: • Dialysis catheters • Pulmonary Artery and Arterial Catheters • Paediatric and Adult Venous Catheters • Short Peripheral and Midline Venous Catheters • Central Venous Catheters • External Feeding Tubes ITEM CODE SIZE PIECES/BOX BOXES/CASE DRE057 50mm x 57mm 100 40 DRE056 60mm x 70mm 100 40 SUR082 60mm x 90mm 100 40 DRE058 100mm x 120mm 50 12 DRE099 100mm x 250mm 50 12 DRE100 150mm x 200mm 50 12 DRE101 150mm x 250mm 50 12 DRE102 200mm x 300mm 50 12 8

DRESSINGS TRANSPARENT ISLAND WOUND DRESSING Description: Our CLAROSITE transparent island wound dressing treats light to moderately secreating wounds. Polyurethane bacteria proof and water proof film coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive and a central non-adherent wound pad. Features • Polyurethane film allows wounds to breathe and water vapour to escape, protecting the skin against maceration • Highly absorbent, non-adherent wound pad • Coated with hypoallergenic adhesive • Sterlized with ethylene oxide gas • Latex free formula Benefits: • Easy to apply • Undisturbed state of would is maintained • Enhanced healing and reduced pain due to moist wound environment • Bacteria-proofing reduces chance of infection • Water-proofing allows patient to shower with dressing applied • Dressing can be left on for 5 days - minimising interference at wound site Indications: • Best suited for post-operative use • To be used for primary and secondary care of light to moderately secreating wounds ITEM CODE SIZE PIECES/BOX BOXES/CASE DRE097 80mm x 100mm 50 18 DRE098 80mm x 150mm 50 18 DRE093 100mm x 120mm 50 12 DRE103 100mm x 200mm 50 12 DRE094 100mm x 250mm 25 10 DRE095 100mm x 300mm 25 10 DRE104 100mm x 350mm 50 12 9

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