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Saskia Hula Curt And

Saskia Hula Curt And Crumb Illustrations: Susanne Wechdorn ISBN 978 385197 860 5 6 Years | 64 Pages | 9,95 Euro Published: 2017 All rights available 3.000 Copies The tomcat Curt has a wonderful life. He especially likes to sit in front of his pretty little house under a big tree on a white bench and drink his coffee, thinking about what still needs to be done that day. He could perhaps bake a cake, or the roof might need to be urgently repaired. He should also wash his socks again. But all of this isn’t half as exciting as catching mice, is it? The tomcat Curt soon forgets all other chores and sets of into the forest, carrying a lasso, an arrow, a bow, mouse traps and cheese. But wait, where have all the mice gone? Wherever he looks and searches, there is not a single mouse in sight. Disappointed, he pays a visit to his friend Krümel, the last mouse that has not yet fled. Krümel, an enthusiastic amateur gardener, loves his house and especially his garden. He would therefore never dream of leaving it all behind. Who would then take care of all the patches and flowers? As the tomcat Curt is his friend, he allows him to play mouse chase with him from time to time. But first the work in the garden has to be finished, as the plants don’t like to wait to be taken care of. Curt is also roped into this. Would he have enough energy for mouse chasing at all after this? Or was it not in fact much more pleasant to do something meaningful and to spend the time together companionably? And do cats really still have to go off chasing mice all the time these days? Saskia Hula, born in 1966 in Vienna. She works as grammarteacher. Her first book was published in 2003 by Obelisk., as well as „Romeo and Juliane“, „The Lion on The Red Sofa“ und „Where is Santa Clause?“. Susanne Wechdorn, born near Vienna, graduated in Law and Design. Works now as Illustrator for children and schoolbooks.

Er marschiert einmal um den ganzen herum. Auf einem sitzt ein und quakt. Im schwimmt ein . Im brütet eine . Kurt schaut nach vorne und nach hinten, nach links und nach rechts. 14 Er liegt in Krümels gestreiftem und schläft tief und fest. Er schnarcht dabei ganz leise. Manchmal zucken seine . Dann träumt er wahrscheinlich von der Mäusejagd.