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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

Foreign Right Catalogue Obelisk Verlag Children´s book publishing house Renate Welsh Kaethe Recheis Saskia Hula Michaela Holzinger Jutta Treiber

During class, Wanda

During class, Wanda needs to go to the loo. To check out her neighbour, she peaks underneath the dividing wall: big, black shoes, black socks, black trousered legs – an outrageous company! Soon everybody has heard the bad news: a suit zombie has occupied the school loo. One has to say that the loo had already been quite uncomfortable before, but the school inspector hadn’t answered Wanda’s complaint letter. After a juice boycott and other ineffective ways to avoid the loo, Wanda takes the reins: ideas are being collected, danger signs put up, study groups established and the gym occupied. Nobody could have foreseen that the school inspector is wearing exactly those big black shoes, or that he has taken Wanda’s complaint under close consideration … Saskia Hula Occupied ! Illustrations by Maria Stalder ISBN 978 3 85197 721 9 7 Years | 72 Pages | Euro 11,95 Published: 2014 rights available, rights sold: Korea 3.500 Copies • Saskia Hula winner of the Austrian State Prize for Youth Literature • Going alone the loo - a situation every child has to cop with • Clear, linear illustrations Saskia Hula, born in 1966 in Vienna, works as grammarschoolteacher. Her first book was published in 2003 by Obelisk., as well as „Romeo and Juliane“, „The Lion on The Red Sofa“ und „Where is Santa Clause?“. Maria Stalde was born in 1986. Today she works as illustrator and teacher for arts in Luzern, Switzerland. You find a lots of other works created by Maria Stalder on her website:

Una‘s life has been one big catastroph since the arrival of the baby. Nobody cares about her any more! She wants a bike that works. She wants a mommy who has time for her. And she wants a daddy who plays with her before dinner. So Una has three important wishes. And what do you need if you have three wishes? Una ceremoniously begs, „Good fairy, please come and fulfill three wishes!“ „Hoohooo,“ says a bright little voice from somewhere down in the grass, „Here! On the bellflower!“ … And there it is. On the top leaf of the flower there sits a tiny little creature, not taller than Una‘s forefinger. „What sort are you?“ asks Una, quite puzzled. – „I am an elf,“ answers the little creature proudly. Una can‘t help herself, she bursts out laughing. The little creature angrily furrows her brow. „What‘s so funny about that?“ – „Oh, it‘s quite simple,“ says Una grinning. „You just cannot be an elf. Elves are delicate, fragile beings,“ Una repeats from her book. „They hover above flowers and grass like butterflies!“ – „So what?“ This is the beginning of Una‘s friendship with the little elf, which lures her on to the most exciting adventures. This thrilling story about the brash little elf with its bright and joyful color illustrations by Susanne Wechdorn is a favorite for all children. Chantal Schreiber Una And The Elve Illustrations: Susanne Wechdorn ISBN 978-3-85197-531-4 7 Years | 64 Pages | 11,60 Euro Published: 2006 All rights available Copies: 2.000 2nd Volume Chantal Schreiber Una In The Elves´ Winterland Illustrations: Susanne Wechdorn ISBN 978-3-85197-548-2 7 Years | 72 Pages | 11,60 Euro Published: 2007 All rights available 2.500 Copies