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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

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Music is beautiful. It

Music is beautiful. It is without boundaries and brings people together. This also applies to those who live in the big forest. Wirrwusel and many other forest dwellers are little professional musicians and so, with the help of the active Kobribri, found an orchestra that delights everyone and forges new friendships. Georg Bydlinski The Wirrwusel Orchestra Illustrations: Andreas Röckener ISBN 978 385197 859 9 6+ Years | 72 Pages |12,00 Euro Published: 2017 All rights available Copies: 3.000 Wirrwusel very much enjoys whistling. He loves waving his four colourful wings to the rhythm. Making music is his favourite pastime of all. Indeed, his greatest wish is to be a conductor with a large and loud orchestra. It is fortunate that Kobribri likes to listen to him making music and therefore one day makes a decision: he must provide Wirrwusel with an orchestra. He sets out straight away. The forest is full of talented musicians, but unfortunately up until now they have all just played by themselves. Kobribri soon convinces all of them to join the orchestra. The trumpet player Rüsselmaus, the violinists Fis-one and Fistwo, the harp player Harpo junior, the singer Nachtigans and many others are delighted to finally be able to play music with others. They play everything across the board, from polkas to waltzes and rock and roll. Wirrwusel is more than happy and grateful to Kobribri for his help. Without him, it would never have been possible. A true friend! Georg Bydlinski, born 1956 in Graz, studied English Studies and Religious Education. He works as a freelance author and is specialized in poetry. He has, among other awards, received the Österreichischer Staatspreis für Kinderlyrik. His picture books are marked by a poetic, yet playful quality. He addresses issues and subjects that are especially thought-provoking for children Andreas Röckener was born in 1956 near Münster. After a carpentry apprenticeship he studied at the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Hamburg. Since 1984, Andreas Röckener has been working as a freelance illustrator and author. Today he lives with his family in Oststeinbek near Hamburg.

5 Der Kobribri flatterte los, in den Wald hinein. Er rief, so laut er rufen konnte: „Sängerin, du fehlst uns noch! Sängerin, so meld dich doch!“ Wieder bekam der Kobribri keine Antwort. Er versuchte es ein drittes Mal, noch weiter drinnen im Wald: „Sängerin, du fehlst uns sehr – find ich dich denn nimmermehr?“ Niemand antwortete ihm. Der Kobribri flog weiter und rief: „Sängerin, wo bist du hin? Zeig dich bitte, Sängerin!“ 20 2 Der Kobribi flatterte los, in den Wald hinein. Er rief laut: „So wahr ich ein Musik-Fan bin – ich such eine Trompeterin!“ Die Rüsselmaus rannte gerade im Dickicht umher und suchte Futter. Sie spitzte die Ohren. „Er sucht mich“, dachte sie. Dann begann sie, mit ihrem Rüssel zu trompeten, viel lauter, als man es der kleinen Maus zugetraut hätte. Der Kobribri hörte es und landete auf dem Waldboden. Da bemerkte er die Rüsselmaus und fragte: „Hast du gesehen, wer gerade so schön trompetet hat?“ Die Rüsselmaus lachte: „Na klar – weil ich es selber war!“ „Eine kleine Maus wie du kann so laut spielen?“, staunte der Kobribri. Er glaubte es nicht ganz.