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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

Foreign Right Catalogue Obelisk Verlag Children´s book publishing house Renate Welsh Kaethe Recheis Saskia Hula Michaela Holzinger Jutta Treiber

Actually, Anton loves

Actually, Anton loves the fact that his mum writes books for children. But sometimes it is pretty demanding. After all, her latest story seems to be quite harmless. Think of it, what could happen on a porcupine’s birthday party, a lion has been invited to? But before it can start, someone has to remove the thorn from the lion’s paw. No problem, says mum, and invents an animal to help. Unfortunately, it cannot. And also the other animals have problems that keep them from doing what mum wants them to do. How is this tricky story to ever come to an end? A knotted elephant trunk, a monkey that is afraid of heights, a hydrophobic zebra… Anton thinks it can’t go on like this and gets down to action … • story after story narration for young and older readers • Illustrations full of charm, wit and slight skit A Knot In The Trunk Illustrations: Ina Worms 64 pages, size: 16,5 x 24 cm 7 years on Published: 2015 All rights available 2.500 copies Kai Aline Hula: Born 1990 in Vienna. She is winner of the DIX talendeted young writer award. „Windgirl“ (also publisjed by Obelisk Verlag) was her first book for adoloscence. She lives in Vienna and works as grammarschool teacher. Ina Worms, born near Bonn, Germany. She studied Arts and Design in Trier. She lives and works as illustrator now in Cologne, Germany.