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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

Foreign Right Catalogue Obelisk Verlag Children´s book publishing house Renate Welsh Kaethe Recheis Saskia Hula Michaela Holzinger Jutta Treiber

Bits and bobs Lenny just

Bits and bobs Lenny just has bits and bobs in his mind. This is Hilda’s opinion who lives in the park which Lenny needs to pass on his way to school every day. Constantly Lenny has funny and sometimes crazy ideas. When the summer holidays start, he has to visit his grand mum who lives at the countryside. Lenny desperately imagines a summer full of nature and boredom. But everything will be different like he envisions before – a wild goat, a new enemy and mysterious figure in the Grimmelwald are just small adventures with which Lenny is faced with during summer. But then there occurs a real danger which threatens the beautiful Grimmeltal. Motivated by granny’s fantastic cherry pie and the bits and bobs in his head Lenny is ready to face every challenge. Michaela Holzinger Hotchpotch In The Head Illustrations: Thilo Krapp 10 Years | 144 Pages | 10,95 Euro Published: 2016 All rights available 3.000 Copies Michaela Holzinger was born in 1978 in Steyr / Austria. After training as a qualified social worker, she worked several years in a socially-oriented federal institution. Since 2009 she is working as a freelance author.

On TV, a news report on the young bear Brummo, who has escaped from a reservation. Again and again he breaks into henhouses or plunders beehives. On the screen you can still see his tracks. For real! Flori and his Granny fear for the life of the young bear. Hopefully he won’t get caught! Brummi, Granny’s old teddy bear wishes the same. He is naturally even more touched by Brummo’s destiny – well, he is a bear himself! If only a small one … Brummi wants to caution his big fellow bear against his pursuers and urge him to return to the reservation. As Brummo appears on TV, the teddy jumps into the TV set and arrives straight at his relative’s side. With his chewing gum, he sticks one half of his coatbutton into Brummo’s fur, to work as a radio set so they can contact each other … Will the small bear be able to help the big one? A thrilling and fantastic story about the adventurous journey of the courageous little teddy Brummi, who wants to rescue the big bear Brummo from the hunters. A moving story about an unusual friendship – told by Friedl Hofbauer with much love for the runaway bear and a lot of understanding for his behavior. Illustrated by Gudrun Lenz with a great amount of humor, so reading becomes even more fun. Friedl Hofbauer My Friend Brummo Illustrations: Gudrun Lenz ISBN 978 3 85197 581 9 8 Years | 80 Pages | 11,60 Euro Published: 2009 All rights available 3.500 Copies Friedl Hofbauer (born January 19, 1924 in Vienna, died 22 March 2014) studied German literature and languages. Later she became a freelance writer and translator. Since the early 60s, she wrote short stories, plays, novels, plays and poetry for children and adults. Friedl Hofbauer received among others for her work as a whole the Austrian Prize for Children‘s Literature. Gudrun Lenz, born 1954 in Berlin. She works as illustrator of children and schoolbooks. She lives in Berlin and has two daughters.