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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

Foreign Right Catalogue Obelisk Verlag Children´s book publishing house Renate Welsh Kaethe Recheis Saskia Hula Michaela Holzinger Jutta Treiber

Dole Kreuther:

Dole Kreuther: investigator, snoop, detective. Admittedly also scatteredclumsy and carrotaddicted. And the one who should find the kidnapped magician Mr. Wendig! Not only hysterical chickens and nasty competitors are causing troubles, also Wendigs lovely assistant is inscrutable. The money transfer for the kidnapped victim turned into a fiasco and everything turns out differently than expected. Andreas Hartmann The Tough Way Illustrations: Ulla Mersmeyer ISBN 978-3-85197-805-6 10 Years | 156 Pages | 11,95 Euro Published: 2015 All rights available Copies: 3.500 Andreas Hartmann, was born 1973 in Berlin. He studied educational science and worked for several social institutios before he started writing and translating. Ulla Mersmeyer: After three years of education at the Bremer Theater she went to Muenster to study illustration for children‘s books and got her diploma in 2013. She lives and works as a freelancer for various publishers in Berlin, Germany.

Jukka running Jukka is boy who loves to run. Leo is a girl who loves to paint. From the moment onwards, when Jukka joins Leo’s class, they really like each other. But Leo’s best friend perceives Jukka as competitor. Also Nico, the fastest runner of the class does not like Jukka. As the boys in the class begin to bully Jukka during the sport classes, he decides to lose against his rival in order to stop them from bullying. But secretly, he trains to beat Nico in the running contest at the school party. To win the running contest there is his most important goal. Meanwhile, Leo is bothered by different worries. She feels neglected and misunderstood by her family and hopes to win an art contest to finally gain their appreciation. On the day of the great school party something unexpected is happening and Jukka needs to choose: What is more important to him? The victory over Nico in the running contest or the friendship to his best friend Leo? Chantal Schreiber Jukka runs - Friendship Breaking Records Illustrations: René van de Vondervoort 10 Years | 156 Pages | 10,95 Euro Published: 2016 All rights available Copies: 2.500 Chantal Schreiber, born in Vienna, she is living with her daughter in Vienna. She worked as model, since 2005 she is writing books for children and for adults.