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Renate Welsh Time Is No

Renate Welsh Time Is No Cake ! Illustrations: Julie Völk ISBN 978 3 85197 862 9 9 Years | 96 Pages | Euro 13,00 Published: 2017 3.000 Copies Holidays at last! Elli has been looking forward to the planned skiing holiday with her parents for so long. All her friends at school are also going away on holiday, in other words nobody at home to play with. But, as Elli might have expected, her parents cancel the whole journey just before departure. Typical! Mum has to attend a congress urgently and unexpectedly, and dad always has a lot to do at the company anyway. His mobile rings everywhere all the time. And as if that weren’t enough, the three of them are also let down by the babysitter. What should Elli do now, if nobody has time for her? A plan is required! The old and somewhat quirky neighbour, Mrs. Neudeck, steps in. She can tell wonderfully bizarre stories of the past and Elli likes anything that is bizarre. Together with Mrs. Neudeck, the cat Basti and Mrs. Neudeck’s friend Mr. Pospischil, Elli experiences all kinds of exciting adventures, totally forgetting to be sad about the cancelled skiing holiday. Elli now has three new friends, after all, who she can always go to if she ever feels lonely, or her parents are too busy as usual. There is still time to teach Elli’s parents to slow down. Children have to be patient with adults. Renate Welsh, born 1937 in Vienna. After several years at university studying German and English, she worked as translator. Since 1969 she is writing children and adult books. She recieved numerous awards (not complete): „Großer Preis der „Deutschen Akademie für Kinder und Jugendliteratur“, the price of the catholic academy in Hamburg, the Austrian literature price for her lifework, eigth times the Austrian national price for children literature, the „Friedrich Bödecker Preis“ . She is mother of three sons and lives in Vienna. Julie Völk, was born in Vienna and studied Illustration in Hamburg. Through her clear and delicate style, she combines reality with fantasy, creating a very special atmosphere in her illustrations. She lives and draws near Vienna.

9. PAPA HEBT NICHT AB Mit einem Pflaster am Daumen und einem breiten Grinsen im Gesicht steht Papa an Ellis Bett. Eine Hand hält er hinterm Rücken. „Bitte sehr!“