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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

Foreign Right Catalogue Obelisk Verlag Children´s book publishing house Renate Welsh Kaethe Recheis Saskia Hula Michaela Holzinger Jutta Treiber

Sarah is not able to

Sarah is not able to turn cartwheels, and neither can she properly whistle. This does not necessarily make things easier for her in her new class, and brute Gustl turns her way home into hell. Until Gustl asks a story from her – and the words come right out of Sarah’s mouth, promising and in colorful language. The chestnut seller becomes an astronaut, the newsman a millionaire, and the cyclist simply ends up on top of the church tower. And slowly, the proportions between Sarah and Gustl start to change... Renate Welsh Sarah telling stories Illustrations: Suse Schweizer ISBN 978 3 85197 749 3 9 Years | 96 Pages | 11,95 Euro Published: 2014 All rights available 3.500 Copies Renate Welsh, born 1937 in Vienna. After several years at university studying German and English, she worked as translator. Since 1969 she is writing children and adult books. She recieved numerous awards (not complete): „Großer Preis der „Deutschen Akademie für Kinder und Jugendliteratur“, the price of the catholic academy in Hamburg, the Austrian literature price for her lifework, eigth times the Austrian national price for children literature, the „Friedrich Bödecker Preis“ . She is mother of three sons and lives in Vienna.

SARAH SPINS A TALE: “Once upon a time, there was a boy who wanted to be a sailor.But he lived in a country without seashore. “You could drive cars”, people used to tell him.But this was not what he wanted. “I want to be by the sea” said he.One day, it started to rain. It kept raining on and on. All alleys turned into creeks, all streets became rivers, and all squares were lakes. The boy took a seat in a laundry basket, put up his grandmother’s umbrella and sailed all the way to the sea. Then the rain stopped.”