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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

Foreign Right Catalogue Obelisk Verlag Children´s book publishing house Renate Welsh Kaethe Recheis Saskia Hula Michaela Holzinger Jutta Treiber

Her father used to show

Her father used to show Malena the colorful side of life. But since he has passed away there is only one color left: the gray that her deeply depressive mother spreads. To the rest of the world, Malena tries to maintain the pretense of an unimpaired everyday life. However, an unexpected letter causes it all to totter: Malena secretly has to try to find answers. Her journey into the past creates new friendships and even confidence but the secrets surrounding her family are dark enough to even turn the gray into black. Not before she knows all about it will she be able to help herself and her mother. - thrilling and complex - the courage to face life can’t be dashed - Michaela Holzinger: an established name in literature for young people Michaela Holzinger Wind Is Blowing Cold ISBN 978 3 85197 827 8 12+ Years | 220 Pages | Euro 12,95 Published: 2016 All rights available 2.500 Copies Michaela Holzinger was born in 1978 in Steyr / Austria. After training as a qualified social worker, she worked several years in a socially-oriented federal institution. Since 2009 she is working as a freelance author.

An important music competition. A famous sonata. A dead young woman. And a terrible suspicion. It is Yasi, Olivia’s friend, who was murdered. Has Olivia’s own father murdered her best friend? Is therre anyone she can trust? A fast-paced and compelling youth-thriller of Glauser Prize winner Lena Avanzini. Lena Avanzini Deviltrill ISBN 978-3-85197-791-2 8 Years | 144 Pages | 14,95 Euro Published: 2015 All rights available 3.000 Copies Lena Avanzini, When there were rotary phones and no one had set foot on the moon - - a long, long time ago, Lena Avanzini was born on a Thursday morning punctually at eight o´clock. Since she had a great hurry, she could not wait until her mother had reached the maternity ward of the hospital, but already saw the world for the first time in a taxi. She grew rapidly, but showed very early a striking propensity for crime, she liked to play the role of the evil hunter, cowboys or Comanches during the carnival. Today she lives in Innsbruck writing children books and crime stories for adults.