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Urban Asias – Essays on Futurity Past and Present


1 Introduction 9 Futurity and ong>Urbanong> ong>Asiasong> Tim Bunnell I. Futures Past 2 Future Visions of Tokyo that Mattered 21 Utopian Concepts and Unanticipated Outcomes André Sorensen 3 Engineering Socialist Futures 31 On the Technological Worlding of Vinh City, Vietnam Christina Schwenkel 4 A Genealogy of Phnom Penh’s White Building 43 From Modern Minimal Housing Unit to Reimagining of Alternative ong>Urbanong> Futures Pen Sereypagna II. Pastness for the Future 5 The Spectral Past for an Aspirational Future 55 The Case of Dhaka’s Temporal and Spatial Other Tabassum Zaman 6 Envisioning Future Pasts 65 Heritage and Emergent Activism in Postcolonial Macau and Hong Kong Cecilia L. Chu 7 Rural Aspirations in ong>Urbanong> Vietnam 77 The City as a Means to an End Jamie Gillen III. Infrastructures of Future-making 8 Planning Mega Futures in South-Central Asia 87 Infrastructure’s “Contingent” Utopia Nausheen H. Anwar 9 Hindu Extrastatecraft? 97 Coding the Future Hindu, or the Infrastructural Inertia of Indian ong>Urbanong>ism D. Asher Ghertner 10 Planning, Design, and Maintenance of Jakarta’s Future Sanitation Infrastructures 109 Indrawan Prabaharyaka 11 No Future Here 121 ong>Urbanong>ization and Hope in Thailand Eli Elinoff IV. Relocating Futurity 12 Futures Elsewhere 135 African Student Migrants in China Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho 13 Another City is Possible! 143 The ong>Urbanong> Social Forum in Indonesia John Taylor

14 Geographies of Futures and Singapore’s 157 Technopreneurship Aspirations Zane Kripe 15 Capitalizing on the Future 169 Negotiating Planned ong>Urbanong>ization in South India Carol Upadhya V. Whose Futurity? 16 “It’s hard to have any mission for the future because they don’t pay” 183 Aspirations and Realities in India’s Silicon Valley Rebecca Bowers 17 Reconfiguring Rural Aspirations through 195 ong>Urbanong> Resettlement Navigating Futurity after the 2010 Eruption of Mount Merapi, Indonesia Michelle Ann Miller 18 Excavating the Ruins of Aspirational ong>Urbanong> Futures 205 in Bukit Duri, Jakarta Rita Padawangi 19 Partial Kuala Lumpur 219 Ethnicity, Class, Sexuality, and Protest Julian C. H. Lee, Joseph N. Goh, Ani R. Landau-Ward, Richard J. Sutcliffe VI. Doing ong>Urbanong> Futures 20 From Corporate Globopolis to Progressive 233 Cities in Asia Alternative Futures for Planetary ong>Urbanong>ization with Reference to Seoul Mike Douglass 21 Excavating the Future in Shenzhen 247 Mary Ann O’Donnell 22 Methodological Musings 263 Trawling Singapore’s ong>Urbanong> Religious Landscapes Vineeta Sinha VII. Asia in New Geographies of Theory 23 Planetary or Cosmic? 277 Reflections on the ong>Urbanong> and the Religious in Asia Peter van der Veer 24 Twenty-first Century Asian ong>Urbanong> Imaginaries 287 and the Longue Durée An Antipodean Perspective Trevor Hogan 25 The Thoroughgoing ong>Urbanong>ization of East and 297 Southeast Asia Revisited Gavin W. Jones 26 Conclusion 305 Reflections on ong>Urbanong> Agency Daniel P.S. Goh Contributors 312 Imprint 320