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Cold Brew Coffee Maker

How to make cold brew coffee without a coffee maker. Introducing the easy way to make cold brew coffee with our cold brew coffee filter bags. Make delicious cold press coffee with our fine mesh, no mess brewing bags. Visit:

Cold Brew Coffee

1 Fill with Grounds Fill a brewing bag with 1 cups of your favorite grounds. Brewing bags can hold up to 1 & 1/2 cups of grounds. (grounds not included) Pour in Water Secure the top of the bag by tightening the drawstring, then place in mason jar or pitcher and fill with water. Recommended 32oz water per 1 cup of coffee 2 grounds. Soak for 24 Hours While brewing, make sure the drawstring is hanging out of the closed lid to keep grounds from escaping. Soak for 3 24 hours or until brewed to your liking. Enjoy! Once fully brewed, dispose of the brewing bag in your trash or compost. Then enjoy delicious cold brew (for a fraction of the price of store 4 bought) Drink it straight or with cream or almond milk. Brew-Coffee-Filters/dp/B072MGP456

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