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icat Stronger together Issue 1

“Our quality of life

“Our quality of life has changed, and I am finally doing what I’ve tried to do for the past 8 years - be there for my children” 12 ISSUE 1, 2018

EMMA OPACIC Gold Distributor “I’ve been a qualified nurse since 1998, working my way up to Nurse Practitioner – a role in which I’ve been for the past 11 years. Since having my two boys, Jacob (8) and Izaak (6), I’ve changed jobs to try and fit work around them, but as a nurse you can’t just walk away, and I always ended up doing more hours than I was being contracted for. Some of the time, I wouldn’t even get paid for those extra hours. The more I worked, the more stressful my job became, as I was torn with guilt for not being around for my boys. When Tracey Payne, who I know through mutual friends, messaged me to see if I knew anyone who may be interested in joining the business, I had a look at the video and thought I could give it a go. It would give us a little extra money and I could do it with my boys at home with me. I met Tracey for a coffee to discuss it more and by the end of the meeting, I’d signed up to Kleeneze on the £50 Kit. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. In my first full month, I hit 10%, then 13% and then 15%. I was so chuffed! That first cheque was for £293. I didn’t set big goals when I started. All I wanted to do is to get my catalogues out three times a week. However, I quickly hit all my Welcome Rewards and earned free catalogues. Plus, I finally had time with my boys. Doing Kleeneze around my current job meant that I didn’t have to do an extra nursing shift and worry about being away from my children or getting home on time. It was a novelty. I was still working 5 days a week, so I had to make sure I had good time management. I was determined, though. Failure is not an option! The six weeks school holiday rolled around, and I had to practically pack my boys off for four weeks to their grandparents due to work. Around the same time, I attended a team rally, and after that I swore that the next time school holidays came round, I would be there for my boys. Team building happened very quickly. My oldest and best friend phoned me up to see what my new venture was within a week of me starting up! I was only just getting to grips with things myself, so was grateful for being so well supported when she asked to sign up. I sat down and spoke to Tracey about what I needed to do to go Gold when we were at the next local opportunity meeting. I was still working as a nurse in a very stressful environment. I had been running at 18% for a while, but after speaking to my husband, he said he would start helping a bit more so that we could move up the Sales Plan and we could hit Gold. Work had had changed for for me me in in January. I had I had become very very frustrated with frustrated my role with and environment. my role and environment. I think I had just I think accepted I had it just for so long, accepted but all it the for personal long, but development all the personal I had development been doing had I had started been doing to work. had I handed started in to my work. notice I handed at the end in my of notice the year at and the had end finished of the year my role and at had the finished end of March. my role The at very the end next of month, March. we The went very Gold. next I couldn’t month, we believe went it, Gold. but the I couldn’t power of believe what you it, but can achieve the power when of you what set your can mind achieve to something when you is set amazing. your mind to something is amazing. My children continue to be my biggest motivation, as I want to be around for them. I’m also focused on helping my team to achieve their goals. The best part about Kleeneze has been meeting a fantastic group of people who I can now call friends. I’m able to spend time with family and be there for them. My work life balance has completely changed. I get to take my children to school every day. I work about 6 locum shifts a month now to put more time in to my Kleeneze business. Yes, at some point I would love to only do Kleeneze. Our quality of life has changed, and I am finally doing what I’ve tried to do for the past 8 years – be there for my children. I don’t want to miss any more and Kleeneze has helped me to do that.” ISSUE 1, 2018 13