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icat Stronger together Issue 1


FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE Kleeneze works whether you’re young or old; live in a city or the country; whether you work it full time or part time; online or offline. It’s a simple system of retailing, sponsoring and supporting others to do the same. Anyone can do it, and many are! Have you got a story to tell? Let us know at 22 ISSUE 1, 2018

SUCCESS SNIPPETS “25 years ago, when I was 16, I had my oldest child. Three years later, at 19, I had my youngest. Being such a young mum, I left school with no GCSEs and I didn’t have time to work, because of the children. When the youngest started full-time school, I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands, so started looking for something to do. However, it was hard finding work – I had no qualifications nor experience and no one wanted to hire me. That’s when I found Kleeneze. It works perfectly for me. I can take my children to school and pick them up. I don’t need a childminder. I can work when I like and earn while I sleep. I cannot wait for my family’s future now. We will have nice things, holidays and be able to say yes you can have that, without having to worry about the money. If you believe you can achieve, you can!” Keri-Michelle Soanes “Do our catalogues work? We joined this business four-and-a-half years ago with only Kleeneze catalogues; we didn’t do online and didn’t have the K Life range. I started with 250 catalogues for £160 back then. It was just the one catalogue through the door and I got orders. Then my sister joined with a smaller catalogue. It was much thinner, but she still got orders. We have to remember that customers will buy from the catalogues, whether there is one, two or three books in the pack. Having less books, having thinner books – it doesn’t matter. Customers may have less to look at, but possibly more time to look at the whole book, so can often lead to more orders. Happy retailing all!” Joanna Tonks “Just wanted to say a big thank you to Kleeneze, because it has enabled me to buy tickets for a show for both me and my daughter. Let’s just say she is very excited!” Sarah Weston “These are online orders totalling £156 for one week – just from our Facebook group. We picked up a new local customer from the Facebook Live video in the same week, where all we did was unpack our delivery and show the products. The customer got a catalogue, we followed it up 48 hours later and got a £30 order. Online and catalogues; Facebook Lives and follow-ups work. Make sure you’re using all the tools you have available to you!” Becky Spink “What I really love about this business is that you can choose your own hours and you are your own boss. This week alone, we have had some amazing results from our customer base of 70, we received £540-worth of sales. We managed to blanket drop, in small chunks, 50 catalogues at a time from Monday through to Thursday and also put an extra blanket drop on top of the customer base. A whopping 320 books. So overall, we did £610 in one week, which was a complete change, because my goal was just to put out to my customer base in the time-frame I had available. Then my daughter came up with the idea of putting more books out in the evening. She’s been great, giving me lots of ideas and wanting to get involved. Even my customers say how fantastic she is!” Michelle Robson ISSUE 1, 2018 23