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icat Stronger together Issue 1

By Clare & Chris

By Clare & Chris Kinsella Go 18 is an incredible incentive that will help and impact every single business if you take advantage of it. We want to show you how you can personally achieve it or help a team member to achieve it and grow your business. 6 ISSUE 1, 2018

CLARE & CHRIS KINSELLA Gold Executive Distributors YOUR PLAN First things first - plan! It doesn’t always have to be the best plan, as the best plans are constantly being tweaked, but we do all need a starting point. You need to decide how much you are going to personally commit to achieving with your personal retail. Be realistic but do give that extra push. We personally recommend at least 10% (650BP). TOP TIP: Look after your account and keep it running smoothly, paying in all monies owed promptly so it doesn’t hold you back when turning orders around. You now need to look at what is left, so you know what sales your team need to generate. For example, 18 % is 3400BP, so if you are achieving 650BP, then you now need 2750BP from your team combined. Back to the plan. Break it down, have an end date in mind and work backwards. Bear in mind that you need to achieve this at the latest period 8 as you need to hold it for a minimum 6 periods. You can achieve this in 3 periods if you throw everything you have into it. Remember you all have what it takes, but it takes all you got so really push. Whether you have a team yet or not, this can be done. 0 -18% in 3 periods, just take it one step at a time. Next period 13% Period after 15% Period after 18% Now keep pushing and go for GOLD. BUILDING A TEAM Building a team is now your next step if you haven’t started already. Do this with excitement. You don’t need to know everything or be an expert (yet), just run with it and keep it simple. We are showing others how to sell everyday products for every market and every budget – it’s not rocket science! If you’re brand new at this remember it’s not your responsibility to teach anyone, but it is your responsibility to learn for yourself so lead by example and your team will soon follow. Become a signpost – get good at pointing people in the direction of the people who do know the business, as well as the meetings, webinars, zooms, training days and team pages. TOP TIP: Work closely with your sponsor and/or successful upline and be coachable. Follow the steps and learn to master the mundane and give it time. Sponsor 6 -8 people a period every period and watch your business grow. Do this by speaking to 15 people a day minimum about your business, whether that’s cold or warm market - more if you want it faster. TOP TIP: A good way to work your warm market is with a third-party approach, asking do they know anyone who would like to earn any extra cash. This avoids awkwardness and all the mums hiding from you at the school gates! Put your new people at an average of £300 each in a Period. Now, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but you get some that will do a lot more and some that do less some; some will even do nothing, so it evens out. TOP TIP: Do it as fast as you can, success loves speed and it becomes much easier the faster you do it. ISSUE 1, 2018 7