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To get to 18%, if you do

To get to 18%, if you do 650BP and you need 270BP from your team, with all of them doing about 250BP, then you’re looking at about 11 team members. If you follow the system of 5-8 a week, you will more than achieve this in your 3 periods. TOP TIP: If you have never sponsored before, it can take about 6 weeks to build momentum, but if you consistently speak to people daily and generate enough leads it will snowball. Give it time. When you have a new team, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, look after them: hold their hand every step of the way and always put yourself in their shoes. Remember how you felt when you started - keep it as real as possible. TOP TIP: If you’re already building a team; encourage duplication, make sure they’re aware of Go 18 in 2018 and upgrade anyone who wants to achieve this. It will help you achieve it along the way, as well as your team member. TRACKING The key is to track your activity – whether you write it down on a board, on a notepad, on a spreadsheet – whatever you prefer or even all of them! Keep checking you’re on target for your goals: check you’re doing enough activity, speaking to enough people, and working with the people you have introduced. PERSONALLY DEVELOP You are paid in this business for the value you offer your team, so if you want to earn more money, become more valuable - simple! When we join this business, we are not experts in network marketing or people, handling emotions or helping others handle emotions; we must develop these skills, to learn them. This is why the saying is used a lot in this business – the more you learn, the more you earn. Our business started to have its biggest jumps when we started to develop alongside doing the actions that got our business moving. Your successful upline will advise you on what book is right for you to start you off, but remember action is the most important part. Your work ethic comes hand in hand with being able to discipline your disappointments, so do both at a high level. LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE This incentive is a great tool, not to just get to 18%, not just for a trip, but to have that turning point to grow. We have always used the incentives to grow our business using them as stepping stones along the way, so have this as your first stepping stone. If you go for this and hold it the 6 months for the incentive, you will more than likely hit Gold. If you encourage your team to go for this, it could move your business in a big way. If you achieve this quickly, you will increase your income quickly. Top tips GO FOR GOLD Have Gold as your target, not just 18%. Have the £1,500 bonus as your bigger goal and chalk off lots of other goals along the way! REWARD YOURSELF ON ACTIVITY, NOT RESULTS If you do this and go to bed feeling accomplished from the work you have done, the results will just come flooding it BE HAPPY WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW Accept where you are and don’t compare yourself to others. Feel good about what you have already achieved in life and keep striving to move closer to your goal at the same time DRAW OUT WHAT YOUR BUSINESS WILL LOOK LIKE AT THE END OF THE YEAR I have a drawing on my wall of what my business will look like in January 2019, with lots of circles for our new Gold distributors to go in as they achieve it. This keeps me focused on what we’re working towards and what that will give us. WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS EACH NIGHT BEFORE BED I write my goals every night before I go to sleep so I have in my mind what we’re going to achieve. 8 ISSUE 1, 2018

You can have it all Kelly Mcloughlin - My Kleeneze Story A child or a career? This is a question many women feel they have no choice but to answer. Is it the priority to go out to work and earn money to give your child a better life? Or is it more significant to be there for your children, all the time struggling to make ends meet? Finding a job – any job – that will pay for childcare and allow you to take time off when you need to can be hard enough. Finding something that you love to do and fits around your family is nigh on impossible. Or is it? 34-year-old Kelly Mcloughlin was working five different part-time cleaning jobs just to make ends meet to help provide for her two children, aged 5 and 7. Not only was she missing spending time with her family, increasingly she found herself using most of her wages on childcare. Something had to change. “I was going out to work at night and missing out on putting the kids to bed and reading to them,” remembers Kelly. “I had childcare bills that were taking most of my wages and that was on top of relying on family to help look after them too. I thought, ‘what’s the point?’ Kelly started to look around for something else, but the part-time jobs she was already doing had been hard enough to find, as they had to fit in around the children. “I thought there must be something out there that I can do to earn money, but still be a full-time mum,” she explains. “That’s when I came across an advert on Facebook. The first thing that caught my eye was the products that were being sold. I knew I could sell them too. I responded to the advert and in January 2017, joined Kleeneze. “I love building my business. It’s so flexible that it works perfectly around the kids. They love getting involved and helping with my work too. I work it all online, trying to do at least 4 hours a day. I do a lot once the kids have gone to bed.” Now moving up the sales plan and growing her team, Kelly is making plans for the future with her Kleeneze business. “During my journey with Kleeneze, I have made some great friends. I have hit the 18% bonus level and I’ve started building a great team of my own. I have finally managed to quit 4 of my jobs and, with the extra income coming in from the business, I’m far better off. “I don’t have childcare costs anymore and, since joining, I have never missed a school play, outing or a bedtime story. “I’m now aiming on finally quitting my last remaining part-time job to concentrate on the business full time. I would love to qualify for an incentive trip with Kleeneze and I’m so excited about what the future holds. I’m doing this for my children, to have a better family life and to never miss out on them growing up.” “I thought there must be something out there that I can do to earn money but still be a full-time mum” ISSUE 1, 2018 9