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Lunch and Learn - 1-3 small

You are invited to

You are invited to Lunch and Learn with Centro Coaching. This will be ongoing key point discussions of critical topics on workplace performance, group dynamics, productivity and much more. The Benefits of Learning Lunch Sessions We will cover topics that are essential to both individual and group success. These will consist of a thirty-minute lecture followed by thirty minutes of questions, answers, and group discussion. You’ll have the opportunity to listen to an informative presentation while you enjoy your lunch with co-workers. Then, having had plenty of time to finish eating and get a bit more energized, you’ll be encouraged to voice thought and questions about the topic presented. Depending on your organizational needs, the sessions can be held on a monthly, fortnightly, or roughly bi-monthly basis. Too often, we learn in isolation or in competition with one another. In this way, our progress develops in silos as we strive to outdo each other rather than becoming the tide that raises all ships. Our Lunch and Learn sessions are designed to bring your team together in the spirit of team building to create an environment where everyone is on the same page both in terms of goals and emotionally. As human beings, we are naturally social creatures. We crave a sense of unity and common purpose and when we break bread together, we solidify the emotional bonds that make unity and common purpose possible. Centro Coaching brings you a format and a forum to forge a greater sense of team building. By talking and learning together during everyone’s favourite part of the workday, our Lunch and Learn sessions promise to optimize individual efficacy and group synergy in your organization.

A Sample of Our Topics Our list of topics includes but are not limited to; Leadership What skills are most important to leaders? Which should develop and how? Group Dynamics How to best manage the synergism and dynamics of a group for best results, i.e. maximum productivity with minimum conflict. Unconscious Bias A discussion on how to identify our own unconscious biases and what to do about them once discovered. Personality Profiles Everyone achieves optimal productivity in a variety of different ways. How do we optimize for the individual while making room for the group? Mindfulness The average person cannot concentrate on one thing for more than 3 to 5 minutes. With practice and guidance, this can be improved. We’ll discuss how. Being a Manager Like employees, the worst manager is a mediocre manager. We’ll discuss the traits and habits of managers that shine, with a focus on the development of those traits. Gender at Work How to promote an equal opportunity while getting the most out of the entire workforce. Diversity A discussion on the challenges to and benefits of a diverse workplace. Influence at Work How to be more influential without rocking the boat. Action Learning How we learn by doing, and how to improve active learning. Emotional Intelligence How EQ can serve an organization’s soft power. 360 Feedback Ways the democratization of feedback can revolutionize the workplace.