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Is Now ISO 9001:2015

Is Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified Highest Quality PRECISE CHEMICAL FEED AND FLOW MEASUREMENT Flex-Pro ®A2 PERISTALTIC METERING PUMP PRECISE CHEMICAL FEED AND TRUE INNOVATION Flex-Pro® Model A2 Features and Benefits Include: • Equipped with Blue-White’s exclusive multi-tube pump tubes which offer excellent chemical resistance and are engineered to last 4X longer than conventional tubing design. • Advanced electronics, and A2 is SCADA ready. A2 has firmware that can be updated. • VGA Graphic Multi-Color (RGB) backlit LCD Displays: Remote and local control status; Motor speed; Input signals; Output rate; and Service and alarm status. • Maximum chemical output is 65.1 LPH. Maximum Pressure is 8.6 bar. IP66 NEMA 4X WASH DOWN F-550 F-460 F-440 FLOWMETERS A SIMPLE DESIGN PROVIDES ACCURATE FLOW MEASUREMENT Blue-White® Flowmeters have superior materials of construction and hand made quality. Flowmeters are offered in several styles with many features. There are models designed to be installed on panels, as well as inline models for flow through, plus closed pipe versions.Many different flow calibrations are also available. Please consult our website to see all the variations available to you. ® CHEM-FEED C-600P DEPENDABLE AND EFFICIENT SERVICE Features of this Metering Pump include: • Simple and thoughtful design provides dependable service. • The pump requires minimum service. • The feed rate control is easy to adjust and is mechanical. • Blue-White’s exclusive heavy duty pump head is not prone to clogging and airlocks. PRECISION CHEMICAL METERING FOR OVER 60 YEARS • 00+1+714-893-8529 5300 Business Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA •

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