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MAKING WAVES Blue-White’s ® Versatile and Efficient CHEM-FEED ® C-600P Metering Pump B ® lue-White’s CHEM-FEED ® C-600P metering pumps combine superior materials of construction with function, flexibility and value. The pump is easy to operate and requires a minimum amount of regular maintenance. CHEM-FEED ® C-600P features and benefits include a superior and highly efficient pump head design that includes double ball inlet and outlet valves which are completely interchangeable. This feature helps to make field maintenance far more efficient and reduces the number of spare parts required. The pumps’ all ball bearing gear motor features permanent lubrication for smooth, even and quiet operation. The quick adjusting output mechanism has an efficient and dependable design. Every CHEM-FEED ® C-600P is factory tested to ensure delivery of a problem-free pumping unit. Because we manufacture most of the pumps’ components in our own plant, including the all ball bearing gear motor, we can offer C-600P metering pumps with a wide range of configuration, material, voltage and output rate options that will best meet your applications’ requirements. The CHEM-FEED ® C-600P pump is a popular choice over many other type and brands of metering pumps because it is practical, efficient, easy to operate and an excellent value. Applications for which the pump is wellsuited include: Treatment / purifying of water and waste water; treatment of rural water systems; fertilizer and nutrient injection in agricultural applications; injection of soaps and detergents; biocide injection; cooling tower and boiler water treatment; and swimming pool chlorination and PH control. Each C-600P metering pump is individually packaged and each carton includes suction and discharge tubing and all mounting hardware to facilitate quick installation. CHEM-FEED ® C-600P metering pumps feature Blue-White’s exclusive heavy duty cartridge valve head. The thoughtful design of this pump head begins with bullet cartridge valves constructed of tough PVDF plastic. Each valve has two ceramic ball checks and is double sealed with high grade Aflas o-rings. The double ball valve pump head design ensures enhanced priming capabilities, and it is exceptional for purging air and gas. The C-600 is economical, versatile, and effective with a max feed of 16.2 GPH (61.3 LPH) and a max pressure of 125 PSI (8.6 bar). The turndown ratio is 27:1 and stroke adjustment is 4-100% which permits small injections at a higher rate per minute. A well-maintained diaphragm metering pump will cost less over time. Diaphragm metering pumps are more energy efficient, using more motor torque on the foreword (power) stroke, but far less on the back stroke. The C-600 can overcome line pressure easier if it’s properly sized. It will also have less danger of leaking. A poorly maintained diaphragm pump may lose its prime, but seldom leaks or damages the surrounding area. The CHEM-FEED ® C-600P and other quality products can be purchased at Blue-White ® Industries, located in Huntington Beach, CA USA. Blue-White ® is a leading manufacturer of Precision Chemical Metering Pumps and Flow Instruments (Flowmeters), used in applications designed to purify both water and wastewater. Blue- White ® offers a full spectrum of the highest quality products. Blue-White ® product lines include: Peristaltic and Diaphragm Style Chemical Metering Pumps, Variable Area Flowmeters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters and Chemical Metering Systems. At Blue- White ® we pride ourselves on innovative engineering that includes keeping the customers’ needs foremost in both the development and production of our products. Because CHEM-FEED ® has earned the reputation as the BEST small metering pump in the business, other manufacturers may try to confuse you by using the name CHEM-FEED ® . Only Blue-White® manufactures the genuine CHEM-FEED ® metering pump. AW 38 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 Asian Water

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