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Conference & Cultural Centres in Greece International Congress Center of Helexpo 14 Greece, the place where the concept of congresses was first born with the ancient Delphic Amphyctionies, today is a dynamic and modern country that looks to the future. Megaron Athens International Conference Centre Megaron Athens International Conference Centre In today’s world of ever growing mobility in geographical, pro fes - sional and cultural terms, Greece provides a stimulating en vi ron - ment comprising a mild climate, natural beauties, gastronomy, sound infrastructure, a wealth of history, multifaceted culture and a vibrant nightlife, making it the ideal destination for congresses, con - ventions and business travel in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Crete, Kos, Halkidiki, Volos, Metsovo, Alexandroupolis, Patra and elsewhere. Greece, the place where the concept of congresses was first born with the ancient Delphic Amphyctionies, today is a dynamic and modern country that looks to the future. The organization of congresses and cultural events is a rapidly growing segment of the Greek tourism industry. Based on data of the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA), convention tourism in Greece is de - veloping at a 5% rate annually. Members of the Hellenic Asso ciat ion of Professional Congress Organizers (HAPCO) reported a 12% in crease in the past year, including the organization of major inter nat io nal cultural events and congresses such as that of the European Aca demy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) and the Inter nat ional Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) in Rhodes. On the European congress map Greece ranks 13th, while the congress market in Athens presents an almost 100% increase within the past ten years, expected to rise to the 16th place on the inter na tional scale within the next ten years. It is worth noting that in international cultural events and congresses held in Greece, the numbers of the participants show an increase ranging from 25% to 40% in comparison to comparable events held in other countries. The organization of congresses constitutes one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors of the Greek tourist industry. The years leading to the 2004 Olympic Games saw the construction of special facilities and the establishment of necessary infrastructure for hosting large-scale cultural events, congresses, incentives, exhibitions and any type of corporate or social meetings. The Capsis Convention Centres in Rhodes (up to 8,000 people in 100 meeting rooms) and Crete (Europe’s only convention centre with 110 meeting rooms), as well as the Capsis Cultural Exhibition & Con - ference Centre in Athens of total capacity 800 persons in 9 meeting rooms; the ultra-modern International Congress Centre of HELEXPO in the northern port-city of Thessaloniki for up to 2,400 people. The Megaron Athens International Conference Centre offers a total of 143.000 sq.m. of space with stunning aesthetics including 18 meeting spaces, ample exhibition spaces and a total delegate capacity of 6000. Megaron is located in the city centre, next to a metro station on a direct line to the international airport. Many major hotels, are within walking distance. The Polis Convention Centre in Thessaloniki, multipurpose indoor fa - ci lit ies covering a total area of 6000 m2 for up to 3,000 delegates; the Athinais Multi Purpose Hall, a state-of-the-art 6,500 m2 con feren ce complex for hosting a wide range of business, cultural and quality enter - tainment initiatives; the Peace and Friendship Stadium for major scientific and professional conferences of international repute and up to 10,000 attendants; However, a Metropolitan Convention Centre was still lacking. For that reason, it has been decided that the Tae-Kwon-Do facility on the southern coastal zone of Athens be turned into a convention and cultural centre. Enjoying a privileged location on an area that will be one of the two major seafronts of the Greek capital, it is easily acces sible from the city-centre and all the important upscale hotels. Slated for completion within 2009, the Metropolitan Convention and Cultu ral Centre is anticipated to spread scientific knowledge throughout the

Greece academic and business community and link Greek businesses to inter - national agencies and organizations. Expected to exceed the mark of 70 million euro in investment cost, the centre will cover a total area of 28,000 square metres on three levels and will be able to accommodate major international congresses, scientific con fe ren ces, cultural events and more. It will comprise a 3,000-pax hall, two amphi - theatres seating 450 each, 800 seats for simultaneous meetings, a ballroom for 1,200 persons, reception areas, hygiene areas, parking and plenty of auxiliary space. In the first year of operation it will host 100 business and cultural events and is expected to exceed 200 events annually past the fifth year of operation. Visitability is estimated at 70,000 delegates in the first year, expected to reach the annual mark of 160,000 past the fifth year of operation. More convention and cultural centres, easily accessible and capable of hosting from large-scale international events to small board meet - ings can be found throughout Greece, in Athens, Thes sa loniki, Rho - des, Crete, Kos, Halkidiki, Volos, Metsovo, Ale xand rou polis, Patra and elsewhere. Many of the country’s regions with a multi-di men sio nal cultural, historic and natural legacy join forces to offer a broad range of congress, recreational and educational pro ducts, presenting a comparative advantage in relation to other iso lated international de - stinations. All convention and cultural centres, as well as the ho tels with meeting facilities are conveniently situated near significant sites ideal for post-conference tours. Greece’s sports infrastructure has also seen great improvements as a result of the 2004 Olympic Games. In addition to already exi sting sport facilities, a plethora of permanent Olympic venues were built or upgraded for the Games, such as the Olympic Equestrian Centre, a rowing and canoeing-kayaking centre, a venue for sailing events and the OAKA Olympic complex in Athens, the Pam pelo ponni siako Sta - dium in Patras, Panthes sa liki Stadium in Volos, Kaftant zo glio Sta dium in Thes sa lo niki and Pan - kri tio Stadium in Crete. The legacy left be hind by the Olym pic Games com pri sing a bro ad air trans po r tat ion net work, new ly con struc ted high ways ra pi - dly con nect ing all major cities and areas, an excel l ent com mu nica t - ions net work and Inter net roa - ming ser vices sup port ed by leading I.S.P’s for the major world wide net works ma ke up the con tem porary image of Greece. In island-rich Greece, the splendid natural attractions in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the bright sunshine and minimal rainfall year-round combined Megaron Gardens with the first-class amenities aboard a cruiser or a yacht featuring conference facilities and a highly trained staff experienced in catering for all occasions, especially for corporate events, provide for a superb setting for "floating" con - fe rences, business meetings, cultural events or formal dinners. Offering delegates what constitutes a sine qua non in terms of organisation, infra stru - cture, accommodation, transport and quality, Greece, a long-time favourite and unrivalled choice for the incentive, cultural and con fe - rence planner, works its magic on any indi vi - dual traveller or group. the Ultimate Conference Destination Thessaloniki Concert Hall Oarganisation. Creta Maris Convention Center Megaron: Exhibition in progress in Muses Foyer 15

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