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What should I do if I’ve just been fired from my job

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Date: _____________ To:

Date: _____________ To: Human Resources, Attention [NAME] [YOUR EMPLOYER’S COMPANY NAME] [COMPANY ADDRESS] From: [YOUR NAME and ADDRESS] Regarding: Request for Reason for Termination Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 181.933, I request that you provide me the reason for my termination. Please send it to: [YOUR ADDRESS]. Sincerely, [YOUR NAME] Make sure to save a copy of your email or letter request for your records.

Conclusion No matter how you feel right now, please remember that you’re an amazing person who has a special gift to contribute to this world. Some of the greatest achievements and success stories belong to people who were fired by employers too dense to realize their gifts, including: Steve Jobs (of Apple Computers), Oprah Winfrey (Oprah!), JK Rowling (Harry Potter books), Walt Disney, and Thomas Edison. You’re in great company. Maybe this termination will serve you by allowing to pursue your passions and build something wonderful beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t let this get you down. One book you should think about reading is “Awaken the Giant Within”, by Tony Robbins. Also, remember that you have rights. A host of federal and state laws protect you as an employee. Please take the steps above and schedule a free consultation with a Minnesota employment lawyer. Author Bio: J. Ashwin Madia of Madia Law LLC wrote this article. He’s a Minneapolis employment lawyer who prides himself on taking cases to trial and beating giants. Call him at 612.349.2723 or email him at if you’d like to schedule a free consultation.

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