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March 2018

Drone Technology WILL

Drone Technology WILL DRONE TECH TAKE OFF? The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) receives regular queries from members on safety, legislation and technical advice. In this regular feature exclusively for Total Contractor, the Association will share some of its most frequently asked questions along with the advice given. This month, Mike Wharton, Head of Business Development, answers questions on drones. Q. I’ve seen a few of my competitors have started using drones to help them with site inspection, panoramic overviews and inspection of structures at height. It seems like a good idea but I’ve no idea how to get started. Have you got any advice? A. You are absolutely right to pinpoint that in our industry, drones could be particularly useful and that this technology is already proving immensely popular for a range of activities including site inspection, planning and health and safety. But getting started is not as simple as going out and purchasing the first drone you see. And additionally, the mantra that “drones are not toys” has been repeated by The Civil Aviation Authority which writes the guidebook here. Flying for commercial use requires their permission and to get the go-ahead you will have to show you are “sufficiently competent”. So, what does this mean? “Getting started is not as simple as going out and purchasing the first drone you see” Left: Mike Wharton, Head of Business Development at the NFRC Here at the NFRC, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with The Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (ARPAS-UK), the professional body and trade association for the fast evolving Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems industry, to advise our members of the latest legislation and ensure they operate drones safely. ARPAS-UK works closely with the CAA to ensure that the regulatory framework for the safe and professional operation of remotely piloted aircraft is fit for purpose and it has been working with the

Standard CitiDeck AntiSlipPlus Take FireSafeit as Red Red Fully Graded Roofing Battens The new British Standard for the design, materials, application, installation and performance of slates, tiles, shingles and shakes is clear: roofing battens must be graded to BS 5534. This means that battens delivered to site should be graded and marked in accordance with the new standard and have supporting documentation. There’s no grey area on BS 5534, so take it as Red that roofing battens from Marley Eternit are fully compliant. For more information or to request a brochure: Call 01283 722588 or visit

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