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March 2018


Step by Step INSTALLING CLAY INTERLOCKING TILES TO BS 5534 Marley Eternit has put together the following general guide to help roofers install interlocking clay tiles to the BS 5534 Standard, but advises contractors to always check the manufacturer’s specific instructions and get a fixing specification for each project. Large format clay interlocking tiles are growing in popularity as roofers look for a more cost effective, easier to fix clay tile, that doesn’t require specialist skills. Although they are quick to install, clay interlocking tiles must be fixed according to BS 5534 on all new and re-roofing projects. Below, we’ve provided a guide to installing interlocking double roman and interlocking clay pantiles: Step 1 - Battens and underlay First of all check that all battens have been pregraded to meet BS 5534 requirements. Underlays must also be BS 5534 compliant and installed in line with the Standard’s recommendations. Step 2 - Eaves ventilation To ventilate the eaves, a 10mm, 25mm or eaves vent plus system can be used with 2 x 6m continuous rafter roll. Step 3 - Eaves BS 5534 requires that all perimeter tiles should be fixed with a minimum of two mechanical fixings. 2 3 This can be achieved by head fixing each tile with the appropriate size aluminium clout head nail, and an eaves clip nailed to the fascia board and located over the side lock of the tile. Step 4 - Verges Tiles need to have two fixings to meet BS 5534 requirements. They should either be head nailed and fixed with a dry verge, or if using a traditional mortar finish, they can be head nailed and fixed with a verge clip. Step 5 - Tile laying Most clay interlocking tiles will have a flexible gauge to make installation easier. However, there is an interlocking pantile on the market with a fully open gauge, which means the tiles can be laid in a similar way to concrete roof tiles, without the need for complicated setting out. Step 6 - Nailing and clipping BS 5534 requires that all single lap tiles should be mechanically fixed. The level of fixing will depend on the roof specification. 4 5 6 Clay interlocking tiles should be mechanically fixed with at least one aluminium clout head nail and / or tail clipped. One piece clip and nails, like SoloFix, can save up to 30% on roof clipping time. Step 7 - Valley The valley can be installed with a universal GRP valley system and small pieces of cut tiles at the hip and valley can be secured using retention clips. Step 8 - Hips Hips can be fixed with hip fixing packs for use with traditional mortar, or a dry hip system to provide a low maintenance mortar-free mechanically fixed solution. Step 9 - Ridges Clay interlocking tiles will often have their own matching or concrete ridge tiles which can be installed with security fixings. However, a dry ridge system has the double benefit of helping to ensure compliance with the fixing requirements, while providing the required continuous ventilation at the roof apex. Step 10 - The finished roof! Please note that all dry-fix systems used should be compliant with the new BS 8612 Standard. Contact Marley Eternit 01283 722588 @MarleyEternit 7 8 10 34 TC MARCH 2018

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