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March 2018

Roof Windows can prove

Roof Windows can prove troublesome and time consuming, creating onsite debris and waste. A product that features free installation accessories and can address installation issues like this directly is our Ultima roof window. This includes the Dakea IFC Insulating Foam Collar – a rebated foam profile manufactured to fit the window frame. It offers superior insulation and reduces installation time to approximately three minutes per window. 3 Once the frame is assembled, pass it through the opening on to the support battens and check alignment, replacing the sash to test that it opens and closes; Secure all the brackets with screws. After removing the sash once more, the roofing membrane must be substituted to restrict water and air ingress. Traditionally available as a large underlayer sheet, the membrane must be cut to size so it fits snuggly around the window. Using the remaining membrane, a gutter system should then be formed to catch any water ingress and direct it away from the opening in the roof. “Roof window installations can produce several time, procedure and weather-related challenges” Furthermore, an installer knows this process requires a high level of accuracy to ensure a water and airtight seal. For larger projects containing four or more roof windows, the complete process may take considerable time to cut and install roofing membrane and foam. The Dakea RUC Underfelt Foil Collar offers another time-saving solution. The single piece of stretchable fabric removes any need for cutting and joining membrane material. Slide this underneath the battens and fix securely to create a water and airtight barrier in a simple 15-minute process. To complete the installation, fix the flashing and covers to the bottom, sides and top of the frame then simply replace the tiles and the sash. Roof window installations can produce several time, procedure and weather-related challenges meaning professionals must purchase additional materials and spend considerable time onsite. By following this guide you can be assured you’ll get it right first time. 4 5 6 7 8 “Fix the flashing and covers to the bottom, sides and top of the frame then simply replace the tiles and the sash” Contact Dakea +44 203 598 1165 @dakea_uk 38 TC MARCH 2018

Go Further with SupaLite SupaLite design & manufacture more than just roofs? It’s true, we are the market leader in lightweight replacement conservatory roofs, but we are experts in much more. Our revolutionary FLAT ROOF ORANGERY is installed within hours with amazing thermal properties. Our LANTERNS are the most stylish available, and our VERANDAS are proving to be a very popular and extremely flexible choice. U-Value as low as 0.15 W/m 2 K SupaLite Tiled Roofs Flat Roof Orangeries Modular Design Lanterns Elegant Verandas Every SupaLite product is precision made to ensure a perfect fit for any configuration. BUILDING CONTROL SupaLite will optionally facilitate building control on your behalf ENERGY EFFICIENT Designed for ultimate performance TRIED & TESTED 10 year guarantee as standard 01772 82 80 60

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